Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Elsa Stokes - PhD Fraud Update

Elsa Stokes (see our previous blog on her at wrote to us requesting to remove our blog about her. She wrote:

You had no right at all to post about me and that my PhD is fake, I am Board certified as a Alternative Doctor with the American Alternative Medical association, please feel free to call them and get the details, I am requesting you remove this off your site immediately I will report you to Google and any other measure I see fit including a law suit. You can see the certificate on my website. under the about tab. Just because you do not agree with what I do gives you no right to lie.

Our response:
Simply put, we don't lie. We carefully engage in a great deal of research before posting here. But we looked at your certificate:

It is very pretty. However, it is not worth more than the paper it is printed on. According to this list of Unrecognized Higher Education Organizations (See, the American Alternative Medication Association (AAMA) made the cut. Your esteemed organization is not recognized by any legitimate authority. 

Even Stephen Barrett, M.D. of, who is a legitimate doctor, distrusts the AAMA (See 

But let's not stop there. Take this article about an 18 year-old who was arrested for going to hospitals and inviting himself to OB/GYN exams (see Where did he claim to have received his doctorate? Of course, the American Alternative Medical Association. 


  1. What government entity appointed you the judge of what schools and degrees are acceptable education??? What degrees and from where do you profess. I hope they are not from some third world country like Iceland.

    1. We are one of the richest countries in the world per capita, no violent crime, no prostitution, and no poverty. Perhaps you should try going to college -you may learn something.