Monday, March 7, 2016

Yvonne Oswald - Updated - PhD Fraud Upheld

We received a response from Yvonne Oswald. She wrote:

Dear Sir,
I have received an email from a friend of mine saying that you wrote a blog stating I have a fake PhD.

I am appalled that you would do this with no basis in fact. My PhD in Clinical hypnosis took me 6 years to complete and was one of the most gruelling things I’ve ever done in my life. It was with the American Pacific University with Tad James, now Kona University. I spent $10,000 US to complete it and my defence took place with three of the most respected professors in the industry. Brian Walsh PhD, one of the most well renowned hypnosis experts in the world, from the west coast of Canada, was one of my defence examiners.

Please stop spreading gossip immediately or I will take further action.

I have two different Master’s in Hypnosis, a Master’s in NLP and Trainer’s Trainings, as well as a best selling book now in eleven languages. I have spent well over $100,000 on my education in Hypnosis and NLP. My work speaks for itself. I work with people who have PTSD, suicidal thoughts, cutters and people who have been abused emotionally or sexually. I would hope if you are a serious member of my soul group that you would do good work instead of spreading nasty rumours.

Please cease and desist immediately and withdraw any comments on your blog.

Thank you

Yvonne Oswald PhD

416 494 2233

Please feel free to call me on my cell if you have any further questions.

Our Response:
Yvonne Oswald of Global Welcome and The Healing House of Niagara Falls, ON, Canada confirmed that she "studied" at American Pacific University.  Readers of our blog know that American Pacific University is not accredited (see Our educated readers also know that there are no accredited master's or doctoral level degrees in Hypnosis anywhere in the world. Further, she claims to have master's degrees in Hypnosis, again of which there are no such accredited programs anywhere in the world. There are also no accredited degree programs in NLP.

Thank you for turning us on to Brian Walsh. We look forward to investigating the legitimacy of his doctorate.

Your threat of "further action" does not intimidate us as no judge with a legitimate jurisdoctorate will take your fake PhD seriously.

Dear Yvonne Oswald, NLP trainer at,

Every single one of your marketing mechanisms highlights your "PhD" yet you provide no evidence, school, or program.

Ms. Oswald, you have seven days to respond to us with evidence of your degree. If you do not comply, you will join the ranks of your esteemed colleagues on this site.


  1. Have you looked at Dr John LaTourrette who pushes NLP and psychic skills online? In Toronto, one of the NGH hypnosis teachers called herself Dr for several years, doctorate in metaphysics from an American degree mill. Checked her site and she has taken the Dr reference from it which is good, now it's just Georgina Cannon. Thank you for exposing these frauds, even John Gray of Venus/Mars had a milled PhD.

  2. I would like to know who appointed you King of Doctorate degrees. You seem to think the only legitimate doctorate degree is one from a state sanctioned indoctrination center. Frankly, I think people with real life experience fair far better than those indoctrinated by our institutions of higher learning.

    1. If real life experience is more important than boasting a fake or illegitimate degree, then perhaps people should stop using the false titles. Also, maybe it should be Queen and not King.