Monday, February 8, 2016

Will Horton Update

Yesterday we exposed William Horton for the worthless doctorate he claims to hold (See Nevertheless, on the Hypnothoughts group that celebrates people with worthless, phony credentials (see Melissa Tiers' post below his -we exposed Tiers'  phony doctorate in 2012, see he published a response to this. He wrote:
Teaching At Hypnothoughts this summer
Hey everyone just a quick note:
I am a licensed Psychologst [sic]
State of California (Psy)
State of Florida (LL)
International (and Florida) Certified Addictions Counselor
I post this as their [sic] was a question about credentails [sic]
Also been to FBI Training Quantico (Hostage & Crisis)

For somebody who allegedly holds a doctorate, his spelling is atrocious. Funny how he completely skirts the issue of his worthless doctorate.  In fact, not a single mention of it.

Yes, he indeed is licensed to practice psychology in California, a fact that we never contested-which also has nothing to do with the phony doctorate we exposed. However, Will Horton would never be approved to practice psychology in California today had his worthless master's degree not been grandfathered in.

As you can see, his license was issued in 1999. In 2000, however, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill #400 which delineates the following:

“Prospective students should be aware that as a graduate of an unaccredited school of psychology you may face restrictions that could include difficulty in obtaining licensing in a state outside of California and difficulty in obtaining a teaching job or appointment at an accredited college or university. It may also be difficult to work as a psychologist for some federal government or other public agencies, or to be appointed to the medical staff of a hospital. Some major managed care organizations, insurance companies, or preferred provider organizations may not reimburse individuals whose degrees are from unaccredited schools. Graduates of unaccredited schools may also face limitations in their abilities to be listed in the ‛National Register of Health Service Providers’ or to hold memberships in other major organizations of psychologists.” (See

In short, while Will Horton can practice psychology in California (and I am sure the California Board of Psychology is not thrilled about this) his degree and licensure is worthless anywhere else. Which begs the next question, how is he certified to practice psychology in Florida?

A review of his record in Florida yields the following:

Horton skirted around the requirements for licensure by applying for a LIMITED LICENSE. What is a Limited License? The Florida statute requires the following for a Limited License:

1. An affidavit stating that the applicant has been licensed to practice in any jurisdiction in the United States for at least 10 years...

2. The affidavit shall also state that the applicant has retired or intends to retire from the practice of that profession and intends to practice only pursuant to the restrictions of the limited license granted pursuant to this section.

3. The recipient of a limited license may practice only in the employ of public agencies or institutions or nonprofit agencies or institutions which meet the requirements of s. 501(c)(3)...

While none of this has anything to do with his phony doctorate we exposed, it is interesting to note that he was only able to obtain this LIMITED license in Florida for merely having been licensed in California for 10 years. However, in that he is misrepresenting his licensure and using this to further his financial gain from his NLP organization, seminars at hypnosis conferences, and product sales, it is quite possible that he is in violation of Florida law.

Additionally, a blog reader alerted us to Will Horton's bogus claim that he is a certified alcohol/drug counselor with the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association - (IAODAPCA). As you can see from the image below, a search of their member directory yields no William Horton.

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