Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scott McFall - Not a Doctor

We found Scott McFall of Fort Myers, FL, thanks to Jim Wand's website (see our report on Jim Wand at McFall claims to hold a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. The screen shots at the end of this blog show just a few of the many times he has referred to himself as a "doctor" as part of his marketing campaigns. Followers of our blog know all too well that there is no legitimate doctoral degree in hypnotherapy or hypnosis anywhere in the world.

Scott is the owner of the Christian Hypnosis Connection and the Christian Hypnosis Association.

Scott needs to reread his Bible:
"You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another."  Leviticus 19:11 
“A truthful witness saves lives, but one who breathes out lies is deceitful.” Proverbs 14:25
The American Institute of Hypnotherapy was owned and operated by Al Krasner.  Deirdre Barrett wrote in "Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy:"
Krasner had founded the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, which later morphed into American Pacific University, another unaccredited school/diploma mill according to Consumer Fraud Reporting Organization (2009) and the Oregon Department of Education. (See p. 131 or click here)
 Unaccredited + diploma mill = Not a doctorate

Interestingly, when we leaked our upcoming report about Scott McFall, he made a public announcement which was forwarded to us by a Facebook user:
I understand that I am being attacked by bloggers now. These attacks began at other hypnotists like Jim Wand and others. But since my qualifications are being attacked... For the record, I was trained in the 1980s by the National Guild, Then I went through the program at American Institute of Hypnotherapy under Richard Neves owned by Al Krasner (licensed by the state of California as an academic program). I started practice at the Oldenburg Clinic in 1984. During this time I worked in general practice of hypnosis through referral with various chiropractors etc. My grandmother and family were trained through Harry Aarons. My father and grandfather were students of Thurmond Fleet. During my years of practice I opened offices in multiple cities and and states. 5 of those practices were sold to other hypnotists after years. I then founded the IHTC group of schools that created vocationally licensed schools in multiple states. Some schools were operating under state exemption. Through seminars in multiple states I personally trained at least 300 stage hypnotists and over 1,000 clinical hypnotists.

Much like "Slick Willy" Will Horton (See our reports on Will at and, Scott McFall completely skirts the issue of his illegitimate doctorate. We will call this a "Hortonism." Instead, McFall pleads with his readers, attempting to embellish all of his alleged accomplishments. Nothing he said addresses his fraudulent use of the title "doctor." If his accomplishments were so great, he would have no need to utilize false credentials.

Like many others boasting fake doctorates, Scott McFall is a champion of both the National Guild of Hypnotists and HypnoThoughts.


  1. High, I don't claim a doctorate and have not claimed a doctorate for many many years. Although I did attend a state licensed school AIH. That school was sold and is no longer in business.

  2. I would also point out that the reason during the years that I did use the California based doctorate... I never called myself PhD. I used the specific degree DCH that they were allowed to give by law. As laws changed I stopped using it. The sites that still have it up will be notified to remove it. I would appreciate your realizing that. By the way. Jim Wand has not booked most of the people on his site. They are just a performer list. Therefore why attack them on your Blog. Will Horton worked his butt off to be licensed in multiple states. Why attack the guy. Why attack me for finishing a program that I don't use any more at all. And thanks for the list I will notify the owners to remove the credential that I wrote thousands of pages of material to get. Times and Legalities have changed.

    1. I would point out that Jim Wand has done thousands of shows obviously and has been vetted by many. What is the point of attacking him, or any of the other people on this site. What is the reason for the attacks on business people who have families, kids, employees and decades of reputation.

    2. It is liars and frauds such as yourself that has tainted the wellness profession with your false credentials. Since your profession is clearly and grossly incapable of self-regulation, we will do it for you.

    3. It is liars and frauds such as yourself that has tainted the wellness profession with your false credentials. Since your profession is clearly and grossly incapable of self-regulation, we will do it for you.