Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jim Wand - FAKE Doctorate and Cocaine Buyer

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We've been wanting to expose this crook for years. We wondered how many thousands of people, including colleges and gullible students, he bilked of a tremendous amount of money from believing that he has legitimate credentials. Finally, with the help and research of a blog fan, we were able to nail him. Our informant said the following, and we couldn't agree more, "I am writing this to you since Jim has wronged many people in many different ways, and he is making a GRAND living all the way..."

Jim Wand, stage hypnotist and proprietor of Wand Enterprises where he attempts to book himself as well as other hypnotists (such as Rich Alexander, Rick Allen, Capt. Andy, Mickey Angel, Terrance B., Richard Barker, Melissa Barnes, Don Barnhart, Robert Berry, Rick Bultez, Michael DeSchalit, Kim Bromley, Matt Davis, Jay Brian, Richard E. Darshwood, Joanna Cameron, Patti Freeman, Barbara Gambrill, David Fontenot (aka David Fonteneau), Chuck King, Brian Madrid, Michael Mayo, William Mitchell, Pete Mamos, John Moyer, Nadeen Manuel, Nate McVicker, Michael Night, Freddie Justice, Brent Husmann, William Horton, Kevin Lepine, Pat Boulanger, Brad Clark, Brian Eslick, Shawn Fetters, Tracy Gray, John Greene, HypnoClyde, InTranced Hyposis, Brenda Kaye, Chaz King, Chris Mabrey, Steve Marino, Mark Maverick, Michael Mezmer, Jeff Michaels, Jay Noblezada, Kerry Sharp, Al Snyder, Tony Z., Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee, Cory Osborn, Tom Roth, Kenda Summers, Derrick Watkins, The Incredible Boris, Mike Winters, David R. Wright, Dr. Z., Jon Wayes, Doug Thompson, Brian Schwartz, Steve Atwood, Laura Amoroso, Michael Anthony, Martin Baratz, Andrew Becker, Richard Cole, Gary Conrad, Joe DeVito, Michael Djavahery, Michael Doubet, Brock Edwards, Kreskin, Bob Faith, Alan Ferland, Travis Fox, Don Friedman, Jimmy G, John Greene Sr., Jeff Harpring, Cody Horton, Robert Ian, Mark Irish, C. J. JohnsonBarry Jones, Jim Kellner, Jim Kenaga, Paul Knight, Dan Ladd, Don Mannarino, Scott McFall, Doug McGraw, Jerry McLane, Christine Michele, Chuck Milligan, Jason Mystic, Mary Elizabeth Raines, Valerie J. Reeves, Susan Rosen, David Rowe, Paul Royter, Richard Rumble, Dan Sanders, Harrison Smith, Jim Spinnato, Greg Steele, Ron Stubbs, Zac Tenneboe, Leroy Williams, Kevin Wolfe, and Rusty Z) at colleges and universities, claims to have earned a PhD in Psychology from the University of Southern California.

No offense to the names above named on Wand's website, but if you align yourself with an individual of poor moral and ethical penchants, then you are only tainting your own selves.

In an interview written at Henderson State University, James Henry Wand stated, " I got my Bachelors in Psychology at Iowa, my Masters at Wisconsin and my Doctorate at USC." (See

And here's another article...(See

Yet, somebody somewhere will say, "Hey! Those reporters are fibbing!" For those of you who think this, here are the words straight from Jim Wand's lying mouth:

However, upon contacting the registrar's office at the University of Southern California, Dr. (a legitimate doctorate, by the way) James Feigert, Assistant Registrar, confirms that James Henry Wand has NEVER attended USC. Does he even have a bachelor's or master's degree? That is worthy of further investigation.

Wait! There's more! It looks like Jim Wand has a taste for cocaine. We've always wondered why he wears those stupid looking sunglasses. Now we know they're there to hide his dilated pupils. Let's take a look at Jim Wand's criminal history...

According to the Open Jurist (See, James Wand was implicated in a cocaine distribution operation where he was the purchaser. The court brief reads, "The evidence against Pregler included involvement in drug transactions from 1985 to 1988, including sales to a government undercover agent. Before the sentencing, Pregler's attorney stated that his objections to the presentence report had been resolved but he questioned applying the Guidelines to conduct occurring prior to the effective date of the Guidelines. The conduct occurring after the Guidelines concerned the sale of cocaine to James Wand, a professional stage hypnotist, who was a cooperating government witness...Pregler argues that Wand persuaded him, through Wand's skills as a hypnotist, to sell Wand some cocaine in 1988, thereby allowing the Guidelines to apply to his sentence. Pregler's due process rights were not violated by using Wand as a government informant. Wand was a friend of Pregler's and Pregler testified at his sentencing that once he was presented with an opportunity to sell cocaine, he went along with it. He did not raise an entrapment defense or allege that Wand influenced him unduly to sell cocaine."

Jim Wand is a revered guest of Hypnothoughts Live, an organization run by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark that is chock full of likeminded "hypnotists" with questionable credentials and fake doctorates. In June 2016, Coke-Head Jim Wand will be teaching hypnosis in his home state of Iowa at the "Power House Summit" with Sean Michael Andrews and Richard Barker (See our blog on this scheister at It would be interesting to see if the three of them will be sharing lines of powder or if Wand will be keeping it all to himself. 

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