Thursday, January 7, 2016

Richard Barker - Hypnosis Con Artist

While the goal of this site is primarily to expose those individuals fraudulently claiming to have fake doctorates, we sometimes like to expose individuals who are blatant frauds.

Richard Barker, a hypnotist who appeared on several television shows is one such individual. He recently self-published a book on (which goes to show that any monkey can self-publish) entitled "Selling Hypnotically." The "Incredible Hypnotist," as he coins himself, makes his money conning gullible aspiring hypnotists to take his "seminars" and doing hypnosis shows at fairs through his own agency, "National Entertainment Group." Instead of calling himself the "Incredible Hypnotist," we think he should call himself the "Despicable Hypnotist."

On the web page at where he promotes his book, "Selling Hypnotically," Richard Barker provided several testimonials "From All Around the World" from supposed people proclaiming how he has helped their business and marketing careers. Little do most people know, everything about these people and testimonials are fake -fake testimonials and fake photographs. Perhaps by the time you read this, maybe he will change things. However, the screenshots below will remain forever.

The first testimonial is by a man named "George James" who allegedly wrote, "Richard Barker knows his stuff. I joined his Incredible Business Master Class and my show bookings exploded. Thanks to his techniques and advice I finally understand marketing." See below:

However, our research found that this was no man named "George James." In fact, Richard Barker stole this photograph from a film producer named Christopher Riley. See below:

Then there is the lovely "Jessica Romano," who said "I have been with REMAX for 7 years now and I’ve never enjoyed so much success in my career. Getting the client to visualize and create the sale and use their imagination was an awesome practical tip I now use; this is an excellent read." See below:

However, this lady is not "Jessica Romano," the high-powered REMAX Real Estate agent that Richard Barker claims.  She is, in fact, Clementine Stowell -a Starbucks barista. See below:

Then there is "Evan Gordon" who supposedly said, "I sell cars for a living; I love outside sales and love the people interaction. I realized I was approaching sales wrong when I read this book and it made complete sense." What a great testimonial this would be, if Richard Barker hadn't just made this up. See below:

As to be expected from "The Incredible Hypnotist," Richard Barker though, the individual pictured is not "Evan Gordon," but rather Simon McKinney, a New Zealand-based comedian. Now THAT'S comical! See below:

And then finally, who Richard Barker uses the alias "Victor Sessions," who supposedly said, "Just get the book, don’t delay or sit on the fence. Persuasion combined with Suggestion and Hypnosis – you won’t go wrong." See below:

Well, you CAN go wrong, if you waste your money on Barker's book because because the person photographed is not somebody named "Victor Sessions," but rather Morgan Stanley's Chief US Equity strategist named Adam Parker. I wonder how the real person posed "Victor Sessions" would feel if he knew about this. See below:

So there you have it. Would you waste your money on a book, show, or seminar by this con artist? We hope that, after reading this, you will make the right choice and run as far away from this snake as you can.


  1. My grandma has been hypnotised by someone who she didn't know and she had no idea of what happen when she had back her consciousness.

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