Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thank you for your contributions!

Our Fake PhD blog has received over 85,000 visitors, thanks to you! While we've been busy with other ventures lately and have slowed down our contributions to this page a bit, we aren't anywhere close to throwing in the towel. In a couple of weeks we'll be pushing ahead and outing more PhD scam artists.

We've received many submissions from concerned citizens asking for us to research and expose more of these scammers. Please know that we read every single one of your messages and will be getting to them soon. Diligent research takes time and we want to be sure that we are exposing those who rightly deserve to be outed. So check back soon!

Keep fighting the fight for truthful academic integrity.

1 comment:

  1. Alexandra Zamora is really something. She claims doctorates in both the scientific and religious realms! This "spiritual and emotional" counselor and evangelist however is a charlatan and a plagiarist. Her background contains, among other things, embellishments and fabrications.
    On LinkedIn she claims a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Central Florida, but the school has never seen or heard of her. On her website ( she claims a PhD in biblical counseling from Christian Center University, a school that never existed.
    Her career as a "life coach" is largely unknown. But as an international entrepreneur in the religion business she is not without successes. Her Facebook pages (she has two) and website show that she has been able to bamboozle quite a few people
    for a number of years now.