Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Mary Lee LaBay of Bellevue, Washington WA had conned many, including the media, to believe she holds a doctorate in behavioral psychology. Her website states that she received this degree, as well as a masters, and a bachelors degree from the Open International University for Complementary Medicine.

Upon reading that name, the red flags started waving. Further investigation yielded that this is "the largest degree mill in the world" and is located in Sri Lanka.

According to the site, Degrees for Sale in Asia, located at

"This is the largest degree mill in the world. It was started by the late Dr. Anton Jayasuriya a former western trained Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.

It started as Medicina Alternativa Institute in 1962. In the last decade, they have sold over a million ( read: Million ) PhD (Medicina Alternativa- MA ), MD ( MA ), DSc ( MA ) and a grocery list of other titles in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Alternative Medicines ( MA ) .

They also have over FIVE ( 5 ) dozen Medical Associations representing all imaginable branches of alternative and complementary medicines. The also grant all kinds of knighthoods. Many of the graduates address themselves as PROFESSOR DR. SIR.

The late Anton Jayasuria used to run a month long courses in Acupuncture; since he also ran a large real estate and hotel property with his brother Professor Dr. Sir John Jayasuria to accommodate the large number of students arriving in Sri Lanka for their degree studies.

The university was operated from his large mansion at No. 28, IBC Road, Colombo 6. for almost four decades. In the early 2000, he bought another large mansion and called in FENG SHUI.

When Anton Jayasuria was in the Ministry of Health, while serving as the Director for Buildings, he self approve a 20 meter by 10 meter ( 200 square meter ) of building over a 300 square meter of land to house his Alternative Medical Training facility. This facility was at the tail end of the COLOMBO SOUTH GOVERNMENT GENERAL HOSPITAL, Kalubowila, Sri Lanka. It is from here that Anton Jayasuria convinced the world that he had treated over 4 million patients for free. ( A pure fictitious story ). It is here his foreign students come for a walk around and return home to claim that they have done an intensive clinical studies at a government medical facility ( COLOMBO SOUTH GOVERNMENT GENERAL HOSPITAL).

The government of Sri Lanka which was torn by internal war, kept its eyes shut to encourage medical tourism and Anton Jayasuria was paying his friends in the government service to keep them happy. Even the Director General of Inland Revenue was his patron at the "university hospital ".

Graduations are held annually as the WORLD CONGRESS OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES where hundreds of HIGHEST AWARDS and NOBEL PRIZE in Alternative Medicines are given to foreign recruitment houses with the highest number of graduates.

Anton Jayasuria had his own printing press called CHANDRAKANTHI PRESS ( INTERNATIONAL ) where his plagiarized books and degree documents are printed on demand.

Over the years thousands of "global institutes" had paid USD 1,000 for live long affiliation with OIUCM ( Medicina ALternative ) similar to
and this " affiliation status " helps the "global institutes" to facilitate the purchase of degrees for their students.

In the 1980s the OIUCM was claimed and stamped to be APPROVED BY THE UNITED NATIONS on its stationery and degree documents. With the internet coming on the scene, reference checks were made with the UN body and the Legal Affairs Unit of UN had warned them to drop the UN Approvals from their documents.

At one point in time, OIUCM was nominated as the finalist for Global Health Awards by Bill Gates Foundation where Anton Jayasuria and his former girlfriend was invited to have dinner with the Gates Sr. For that event Anton Jayasuria produces photographs of patients attending the Colombo South Government General Hospital (seeking mainstream medicare ) and falsely claimed that they were his patients coming for his free medical care facility. Luckly, that particular year the award went to a genuine institution in Bangladesh.

When Anton Jayasuria died due to heart attack on 06.04.2005, the Ministry of Health, tore down the 200 square feet " world's busiest acupuncture teaching hospital" when the death of Anton was announced.

OIUCM organised the 50th anniversary and continues to sell more degrees, state honours, global awards to individuals and direct selling organizations for a price.

Anton Jayasuria former home is now a museum and his latest home ( a few doors away ) at the time of his death is now a Memorial Hospital. Still thousand of PhD (MA), MD (MA) and DSc ( MA ) are the hottest selling fake degrees under the new management.

OIUCM has become more liberal since the death of Anton Jayasuria with innovating marketeers and direct selling entreprenuers marketing different kinds of products and programs under affiliation statues with the "university degree mill".

OIUCM has many recruitment agencies and degree4sales consultant all over the world with the largest being in South America, India and Malaysia. While Anton Jayasuria has gone to heaven for his good karma of personally treating over 4 million patients, his proteges are busy killing more patients with their fake degree for sale.

More worthless titles, ranks and knighthood by white skinned crooks and con brokers are dished out on a monthly basis ( ). Sadly, the greedy Son of Global Greed, Anton Jayasuria's crime and legacy lives on."

Mary Lee LaBay claims to be a member of Lake Washington Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the National Guild of Hypnotists Washington Chapter, the Washington Hypnosis Association, Mensa International, National Guild of Hypnotists, International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists, Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, American Board of Hypnotherapy, Women’s Business Exchange, International Hypnosis Federation, International Hypnosis Association, National Council of Hypnotherapy, International Association for Research and Regression Therapy, Washington Professional Counselors Association, and Eastside Women in Business.

She has also successfully conned the following radio and television broadcasters that she has any kind of legitimate academic credential:

ABC KOMOTV – Northwest Afternoon – Seattle, WA
ABC News 10 TV – Sacramento & Company – CA – Higher Dimensions with Phyllis Pricer with Al Diaz of Attraction Radio Show with Julie Johnson – Los Angeles
Contact Talk Radio – Yours Truly with Nancy Tursi
Contact Talk Radio – with Cameron & Lucia
KKNW – 1150AM – Gary Mantz Show – Bellevue, WA
KKNW 1150AM – Dr. Pat Show – Bellevue, WA
KKNW 1150AM – Sage Radio – Bellevue, WA
Laura Lee Show
PC Talk Radio with Rich Levin
Psychic Acceess Talk Radio with Maureen Holleran Meg Show – Talk of the Town – Mytho or Logic with Tom Murasso
WBZT – 1230AM – Senior Lifestyles with Ron Kauffman
WCPZ – Sandusky, OH
WFIN 1330AM – Findlay, OH
WGN – Chicago
WRGA NewsTalk Radio 1470AM – Nelle Reagan – Rome, GA
WSBC 1240AM – Morning Break with Jon Cohn – Chicago
WSOU – New York
WTBG (CBS) 95.3FM The Globe – Washington, D.C.
WVNO 106.1FM – Tony & Shelley in the Morning – Mansfield, OH


  1. It is with great dismay that I have been made aware of this post. If these allegations are true, then perhaps I am the one who has been conned. I entered into the program with the understanding that this university had all the credentials and credibility it was touted as having. I spent thousands of dollars and four years of my time doing independent research, working with advisors, and writing papers that were reviewed before my credentials were given to me. So if that is what you call a paper mill for diplomas, then so be it. I know that I did the work.

    I am sad for you that you have no better purpose than to try to tear apart someone else's life and career. I have logged more than 10,000 hours of private sessions and 18 years teaching hypnotherapy and past life regression. If the degree is worthless, my track record will stand for itself. My degree and the research and effort I put into it represent to me more than you will ever know, and my good work in helping others to create the life they desire is the greatest reward - and perhaps more than you will ever achieve.

    If this is all about you being jealous of my achievements, all I can say is that you too can have a fulfilling life if you figure out your purpose and get busy heading toward it. I personally don't see the productivity in harming others.

  2. Ms. Labay,

    If you really think that you've earned a legitimate PhD then all it testifies to is (a) that you did insufficient research into this "academic" institution, and (b) your gullibility.

    If you were going to spend thousands of dollars and four years of your life, why not do it through a legitimate higher education provider? You live in the United States, there are hundreds to choose from.

    Presenting yourself as a genuine doctor of psychology is nothing short of fraud and violates the most fundamental ethical principles of the helping profession. You, madam, are the one doing harm. By all means, practice your brand of helping, but do not do so by touting qualifications that no bona fide psychological governing body (such as the APA) would recognise.

  3. This Mary Lee Le Pay is a $600. for two hours oracle operator, this is a past life ponzi scheme generator whatever her hazy, cornball cred. and service hocus pocus. This is corruption in elitism, a grotesque distortion of the word and function of "healing". "I'm expensive", she purred. Then called the cops when i protested her posture in text. What an angel!! Hookers are out there risking necks etc. being 'criminals' when this mega- power tripper works her mouth in a paint by numbers cliche' hypnotherapy method, easy to pick up in minutes from google. With these super inflated rates only the cookie cutter wealthy will be empowered to excel as healers, to study and become ligit., this is a social sickness, a bankruptcy of greed parading as wisdom. Question this self-promotion monstrosity, snarky heck hole of a biz/helping arts combo. In the spirit of Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung resist elitism in spiritual work and healing as lesser constructions of power, wealth and vanity.