Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kudos from Milton Erickson's Daughter!

We received a very nice email from Betty Erickson, the daughter of the renowned Milton Erickson. She wrote:

What a tremendous service you do!

As the daughter of Milton H. Erickson, I get emails from people all the time about having me train them in hypnosis. Sometimes legitimate, sometimes I-lost-my-job-and-want-to-earn-money-with-hypnosis, but most of the time from people w/ Ph.D. and Master's who want the credibility of me -a Master's Level (earned degree, although I do have an honorary Ph.D. from Armenia because of my name).

I've been teaching daddy's work for 30+ years. Google me, and Daddy.

Milton H. Erickson, M.D., and I am Betty Alice Erickson --use both names.

Point of this email is to thank you. I will publicize your site. Also, can I hope you in any way?

Sincerely, Betty Alice Erickson.

Dear Ms. Erickson:

We are very grateful for your support and encouragement! Please spread the word about this blog everywhere and anywhere. We also encourage readers to let us know about the con-artists purporting to have earned PhDs -it seems that more pop up faster than we can keep track.

Again thank you for your support!

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