Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jedidiah D. Smith - Ellicott City & Frederick, MD and Kettering, OH - Fake Doctorate

Here's another hypnosis scam artist. Meet Jedidah D. Smith. He has the following addresses:

The Center for Holistic Wellness & Anti Aging
803 Oella Avenue
Ellicott City Maryland 21043
Phone: 410-480-8339

The Center for Holistic Wellness
8 East Second Street
Frederick MD 21701
Phone: 410-480-8339

The Center for Holistic Wellness
303 East Stroop RD
Kettering Ohio 45429
Phone: 937-470-7809

We would like to welcome Mr. Smith to the club of people who falsely claim to have earned a doctorate in order to make him seem more credible or competent. According to his website, he earned his PhD at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Irvine, CA. The American Institute of Hypnotherapy is a well-known degree mill. The "degrees" from this organization are not accredited anywhere in the world.

Buyer beware. In fact, buyer would be stupid to even trust this man.

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