Monday, July 28, 2014

Terry Stokes, Jr. Pleads Guilty

We have an update to our earlier post about Terry Stokes, Jr. (real name Terry Woodward) (See

Stokes, Jr. (or Woodward) pled guilty to Consumption/Intoxication and was fined $65 plus court costs, for a total of $356.02.

Stokes is still on the roster of the Entertainment Group, where he claims to be "one of the most talked about and sough after entertainers in the business." Clearly, if this were true, he wouldn't have had to claim indigence, as you can see from the court documents below. Just like most hypnosis entertainers, he clearly lives his life in poverty while giving the world the illusion of success.

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  1. AND he owes over $100,000 in child support arrearages in the State of Tennessee. He also totaled his mother's Mercedes and received a DUI just prior to this one. There is probably an outstanding warrant or two for him in the State of TN.