Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dennis Brady - Ocala, Deland, Florida - Update

A while ago we wrote about Dennis Brady. See

We recently found a rip-off report entry for Brady. If only the victim would have done their research and read this blog first...Here's what they wrote (you can see the original post here

I enrolled in "Doctor" Brady's courses in psychology 101 and basic hypnosis. I spent $1,500 for these "certifications" which were received from viewing DVDs and taking a 50 question "exam" that is an absolute joke as it is a take home exam and can be used to obtain the basic hypnosis certification, along with "practice" sessions which involve you watching "Doctor" Brady or his wife "hypnotize" someone else. It's a total scam as I found out when I tried to use my certificates to advance my career as a mental health counselor as was told by my employer that "Dr." Brady's company, of which he is CEO, "The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards" is not a recognized licensing board by the State of Florida and they are not licensed by the State Department of Education to provide educational certifications in any of the fields that they profess to provide certifications. I asked "Dr." Brady about this and he bragged about his Ph. D in "clinical hypnotherapy" (which is a made up field that is not recognized by any state psychology licensing board) and I wanted to know where he got his "Ph. D" from and he would not tell me. He also would not give me a refund saying that his certificates for his courses are valid and that he can't be responsible if my employer doesn't recognize them.

Dennis Brady and his wife Tonya are nothing but a couple of scam artists who will take your money for nothing. They run a "diploma mill" type place and you truly do not get what you pay for. Do not fall victim to his lies about how he is a national criminal profiling expert who consults with the TV program CSI, or that he knows Dr. Phil McGraw and has appeared on his t.v. show. It's a bunch of crap and I am currently looking for a lawyer to try and sue Brady and his company to get my money back.

I've found other people questioning "Doc" Brady's educational qualifications:


Of course, Brady responds and continues to refer to himself as "Dr.":

I am Dr. Brady and I have been retired close to two years now collecting my retirement and traveling. So number one is he is a liar as he could not have done ANY business with me or even talked to me as I am no longer actively working with The National Board. I have checked with The National Board and there is NO student by the name of Paul Graff or anything even close to it. For that matter there has also never been a PhD student in Leesburg Florida. The National Board does not even offer a PhD. Its all a hoax, all a lie, every word of it, someone is trying to hurt the impeccable name of a great 20 year old organization or myself, a Senior Citizen, by making slanderer/untrue comments on line. The National Board a non profit membership orgnization, provides quality continuing education/ certifcation to its over 10,000 members/students and has for more than 20 years in Central Florida and as such is NOT required to have any license from the State of Florida.This alone shows how ignorant this individual really is. Just as a point, I have never made any DVD hypnotizing anyone, nor has my wife. I have several higher education degrees, all from legally licensed, recognized, institutions of higher learning. These degrees have allowed me to recently teach Medical Students at a US Medical College.I have worked personaly for Dr. Phil and his show and for the CSI show years ago. I have copies of checks to show anyone who wants to see them. For a reference please ask David Chesson who is the sitting President of the Better Business in Leesburg, FL @ 352-326-0770 of whom The National Board has been a member in good standing for 18 years now, with NO complaints. Please provide ANY proof that ANY of it is true. Provide ANY documentation of ANY kind or take down this obvious attempt to smear a good man and his lifetime of good works. Dr. Brady

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