Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dale Emmert - Richardson, TX - FAKE DOCTORATE

Dale Emmert of hypnosistexas.com claims to hold a doctorate from Huntington Pacific University. Readers of our blog already know that this is a scam institution. See the earlier blog on Huntington Pacific located at http://fakedoctorate.blogspot.com/2012/11/huntington-pacific-university-degree.html

According to his website, it seems that Cal Banyan, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, American Board of Medical Hypnotherapy, and the National League of Medical Hypnotherapists (whatever organizations they are as their social media presence is extremely lacking) all support this fraudster.

Further, Emmert is in violation of Texas laws by claiming to have an degree from an unaccredited institution:

"'The Texas Penal Code (Section 32.52) prohibits the use of fraudulent or substandard degrees "in a written or oral advertisement or other promotion of a business; or with the intent to: obtain employment; obtain a license or certificate to practice a trade, profession, or occupation; obtain a promotion, a compensation or other benefit, or an increase in compensation or other benefit, in employment or in the practice of a trade, profession, or occupation; obtain admission to an educational program in this state; or gain a position in government with authority over another person, regardless of whether the actor receives compensation for the position." Violation of this law is a Class B misdemeanor.'"

Perhaps a good Texas samaritan will report this individual to the proper authorities for prosecution.

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