Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bill Hanshew - Rolla, Missouri - Fake Doctor of Religious & Biblical Studies - Minister of FRAUD

We received this letter from one of our readers, acknowledging that PhD scams aren't limited to just the hypnosis profession but in other areas as well -including ministry. Here's what this individual wrote regarding Bill Hanshew of Bill Hanshew Ministries:

Hello. I'm glad you have established your site on BlogSpot.

Your site focuses primarily on fake hypnotherapy doctorates, but theological PhDs are pretty common as well.

I'm writing to you about a guy named Bill Hanshew in Rolla, Missouri. His website claims he has a PhD from "Easter Theological Bible College", which turns up no results on Google except for his biography. He never hesitates to refer to himself as 'Dr. Bill' in correspondence or on his written materials. For a while, he published a column in a weekly Rolla newspaper.

He founded a small non denominational church in Rolla, for which he asks for donations on his website. It seems he has now created his own 'university', and through his website you can send him money to "sponsor tuition" for students.
Strangest of all, his biography says he's currently working on a doctorate from some other no-name theological school (why would he need another one?) From what I can tell, he's either a sincere chump or a scammer.

An internet search of "Easter Theological Bible College" shows that Hanshew is their only student and graduate. Further, it appears that he is working on another "doctorate" at a "university" that he and his wife direct, called the Life Christian University - Rolla Campus, which fails to exist. However, the Life Christian University website, where you can buy 1 course and get the 2nd one for half off, states that anybody can start their own campus. How legitimate does that sound? Hanshew might be able to scam his flock, but in the end, he can't scam God.


  1. Yes, there are many Phd scams no doubt. But it is also against the law to slander individuals based solely upon assumption or the falsities of others. And I do not have a Phd, nor have I ever claimed to have one. I have a doctorate in religious and biblical studies from a small Bible College in CA, which no longer operates. However, Life Christian University has its own legal department and many campus' around the world. I never did forward this to them...yet. Also, my doctorate did not come from LCU. But thanks for all of the assumption. I am yet undecided as to what course of action I am going to take on this matter.

  2. It is indeed against the law to slander individuals. The best defense against slander, however, is when the words stated are facts. We are careful to do our research and Life Christian University is a mill. Pardon us, Bill, but you did state that you were working on a doctorate at Life Christian University. Does their legal department consist of a staff with fake juris doctorates as well? However, you also state that you received a doctorate at the "Easter Theological Bible College." Please explain to the world why a Google search of this "school" yields only hits pertaining to yourself? You must have been their only graduate. Amazing.

  3. Life Christian University is "accredited" by Accrediting Commission International. I wish I could post a photo on here of their "headquarters". If you look up ACI and put their address into Google Maps, you will see it's run out of a tiny wood frame house in rural Arkansas with a cute little porch swing out front. The photo of the house alone is all that needs to be said about any outfit that is "accredited" by this bunch. Just follow the link below:,+Beebe,+AR+72012/@35.078211,-91.8752574,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x87d2fc528b6d4057:0x649625157ee9515e!8m2!3d35.078211!4d-91.8730687