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A message from one of our haters, Adam S. Adams of Vancouver, BC Canada

We've posted accolades from many of our readers, but what about the messages from our haters? One such correspondence we received was from Adam S. Adams of Quantum Therapy, Ltd. located in Vancouver, BC Canada. In his writing, he goes on and on about how real doctors are responsible for the deaths of people and that those who boast their credentials with fake degrees aren't so bad if they "help" people. He also adamant about being "very good" at what he does in his practice. Yet, as of today's writing, his website is down and he appears to be out of business, with the exception of several LinkedIn profiles floating on the web. Here is what he had to say about PhD Scammers:

I have watched your little crusade with some interest, not least because of your ongoing cowardice in remaining anonymous.

The strain of moralistic outrage in your campaign is somewhat distasteful for many reasons and I thought, since I do not have a ‘fake PhD’ that on behalf of some of the excellent and innovative healers you are attempting to destroy, that I might offer a few points for consideration –

-          There are undoubtedly poor and ill qualified hypnotists in the world, point me to a profession please that does not have the same concern. That rather begs the question why you have chosen this one profession for your little batman in your underpants routine.
-          It is entirely appropriate to suggest that people outline the nature of their qualifications. You might have been dramatically more effective had you done so without such a sneering condescending tone – NLP and hypnosis change lives, and some of the people you are ‘exposing’ from the cowards perch have done incredible work for legions of people over decades.
-          Since your own credentials are at best unknown, and perhaps non-existent, readers of your project may be entitled to ask whether you are little more than an angsty internet troll with self esteem issues, or someone with a legitimate personal grievance, and if so what it is
-          Where unethical practice is concerned, I would stand with anyone advocating best practice for the profession, not least for the avoidance of clumsy government or corporatization, but you have, by dint of your anonymity forfeited the right to claim standing – the grassy knoll may make for the appearance of proper scrutiny, but your intention as stated is ill at ease with the hidden assassins manner in which you pursue it

Lastly, 3 key points that nobody has made. Especially you.

-          It is the responsibility of anyone purchasing anything to do their due diligence. Competence in hypnotic arts and science is not yet globally at a level that I would prefer, but I am happy to stand on my skills and qualifications with anyone anywhere – and publicly. I encourage anyone who is buying to look at all alternatives – the witch hunt that you are leading is missing the key question – are these people any good at their stated job? A doctorate from an Ivy League university is no guarantee of competence at hypnosis, hypnotherapy or NLP. I would, your crusade notwithstanding, continue to buy from many of these supposedly shamed practitioners, and that because I am very good at what I do, and don’t dispute their competence. And I have standing and competence to do so, were it warranted.

-          Hypnosis is just talking. Had you any deeper understanding of the craft you would know that. Perhaps people have made errors, perhaps not, and not all ‘fakes’ have been acquired without endeavor.
But one thing I am certain of is the virtue of forgiveness –you are as an ‘advocate’, albeit a spineless anonyme, entitled to seek out grievance or evidence of malpractice. (I am sure you will find it, and the bright light of truth can only be a good thing if shone with good intention.) But you are like all vigilantes, a self-appointed court and executioner and that is not a good thing. In reality you offer no representation as to intent, competence, private representations made on a per client basis. Your frame is narrow, and mistakes mainstream credential for effectiveness as a healer. Hunter, Bandler, McKenna inter alia have saved lives - you ?

-          Lastly and this is an absolutely critical point. A leading cause of DEATH in the world, especially the west, is Iatrogenic death. You know of course, that this is DOCTOR caused deathAll of whom have presumably impeccable credentials by your elevated standards. And yet ,you are silent…
One or two perverts and numbskulls notwithstanding, to the best of my present knowledge, some hypnotists with degrees you find inappropriate have no such breach of the oath we all take – to first do no harm. THE PEOPLE YOU NAME HAVE KILLED NOBODY and may have helped many.

Where then is your outrage at the people with so called legitimate degrees who prescribe death daily ?

It seems to me, your low rent crusading instincts may have more appropriate targets - I know the people I help often feel betrayed by mainstream dogma and credentialed professionals, and in no profession anywhere is there are a perfect practitioner or human, including me.

Get your priorities straight, get informed and if you want to help, go where the real danger is

As you behave today, what next a name and shame for people who misrepresent themselves on dating sites, or in bars, on facebook, doctors with bad breath, or bad bedside manner, and more – and who appointed you anyway, NAMELESS ? you aren’t helping people, you are creating an impression that this profession is lacking, and that may be doing more damage than good. I urge you to identify yourself, the reasons for your actions and specifically why you aren’t going after death dealers instead of at worst misguided marketers.

Until then, just stay out of OUR business while we regulate it ourselves, albeit imperfectly.

Adam S. Adams  CPC CHt

Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Professional Coach, Certified NLP Coach, Mind/Body Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Instructor of Self-Hypnosis
Certified Specialist in Advanced Hypnotherapy for Cancer, Advanced Hypnotherapy for HIV/AIDS, Advanced Hypnotherapy for Immune Disorders, Advanced Regression Therapy

Certified Specialist in Hypnosis for PTSD,, Certified Specialist in Healing The Inner Child, Hypnosis for ADD- ADHD

Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Sports Performance, Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Pain Management

Certified EFT Advanced Practitioner

Certified Heart Resonance Therapist, Certified Reiki Master

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  1. Did I miss something? Did hypnosis suddenly cure cancer, hiv/aids, adhd, and any other diseases and disabilities that these frauds can think of? My God, these people are disgusting. I came upon this blog, trying to locate a guy who I saw posting comments on a life NASA launch or perhaps rover landing a few years ago. All I remember is he was Doctor Simon something. He had phd's in all sorts of ridiculous things involving pseudo-science.