Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raymond Roberts AKA Ray Ronson, Hypnosis Trainer in Cardiff Valley, UK - Fake PhD

We were alerted about this individual by the name of Raymond Roberts aka Ray Ronson. He operates Capital Hypnotherapy teaches hypnosis courses under the name of "Elestial Training" in Cardiff Valley, UK. 

He claims to have received an "honorary doctorate" from the Society for Information, Protection, and Education of Consumers (SIPEC-Europe) in recognition for his contribution to the spreading of knowledge and to scientific research.

Most people we know who have honorary doctorates don't actually refer to themselves a doctor. When we saw Raymond Roberts' website, our senses gathered that something didn't seem quite right. 

So we researched SIPEC. Yes, there is a SIPEC, but it appears that Raymond Roberts is the only individual who has ever claimed to have received an honorary doctorate from SIPEC. Therefore, his "contribution to the spreading of knowledge and to scientific research" must be earth shattering. Of course, we wonder what this contribution might be? Yet, there appears to be no research background in Roberts' CV. 

And, even if he did earn such a doctorate from SIPEC, we question what SIPEC's authority to issue a doctorate would be. 

We're calling this guy out as a PhD sham.

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