Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Former Client of "DR." Larry Volz Speaks Out

A former client of the PhD-fraud Larry Volz reached out to us today. They lost over $2000 on this fraudster. They requested anonymity, so we took the liberty to mask their name and email address. Read on:

I just found your blog with information on "Dr." Larry Volz  I was a client of his when he ran the American Hypnosis Clinic.  His company offered a lifetime guarantee and then about a year after I paid for a program for drug addiction, he shut the company down and opened up a new one in the same city.  

I am infuriated with the scam he pulled .  I went to him specifically because he was listed as a Dr and not many other hypnotists are Doctors. I had no idea that he wasn't a real doctor.  I have done some research on this scam artist, which I should have done before I paid him over $2000, and found out that he does not even have a masters degree.  He took a couple of master's level courses but never completed the program.  His "Master's degree" is really a "Master's level hypnosis certification" that he got in a weekend.  

I am outraged.  I also have since found out that it is against the law in Virginia for him to offer substance abuse counseling if he isn't certified by the Virginia Board of Counseling.

But it is still listed on his new companies website as a service he offers.  

He is even running his own diploma mill training other people to be scam hypnotists like him.

He even does hypnosis and magic shows at "adult oriented" events.

"Doc Volz" is a real scumbag. He deserves to go to jail for the frauds that he is pulling on people who were vulnerable and needed help.

Please do not publish my email address as I wish to keep my name out of this mess. I feel stupid for not doing better research at the time. 

Thanks for the work you are doing with your blog.  I really appreciate you getting the word out and helping to alert others to the slime balls out there like Larry Volz.

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