Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank you for your support!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support. There is clearly a silent majority of people who, like us, believe that using fake credentials does nothing more than undermine the hypnosis, wellness, alternative healing professions. If the scammers had any idea how many emails we receive daily showing their support, and how fast this blog is catching on all over the world, they would be shocked. Some may even recant their fake degrees, and some have. Yet, some still continue to press forward with their sham (see Roy Hunter).

We are also grateful for the support of those who wish to publicly acknowledge our blog, such as, who wrote:

People Who Have Fake Doctorates Blog

I love this blog, and you should you too if you think that it's wrong to claim to be something you're not. It's all so they can look more ‘professional’ and, therefore, important, but the bottom line is that they are scamming the public. There's too many liars, thieves, charlatans and scumbags about in our lives as it is to have those that offer ‘trust’ to be a part of it too. They should be ashamed of themselves but many argue about it with the blogger! Disgusting. Go take a look for yourself:

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