Friday, March 1, 2013

Carol Look, New York, NY, Fake PhD for the EFT

We would like to bring to our spotlight, Ms. Carol Look of Attracting Abundance in New York, NY. Carol is a the so-called EFT Master. EFT means "Emotional Freedom Technique," which is a procedure tapping on one's own supposed meridian points while reciting affirmations out loud. If you want to believe in it, go for it, because we're not here to debate its efficacy. Instead, we're here to point out that Carol proclaims to have earned a Doctorate in Hypnotherapy. Readers of our blog know that there is no such degree anywhere in the world. So, here's your "leading voice" in the EFT community, a bonafide PhD con artist. Take a look at just the first page of a Google search to see all the people she's conned into believing she's a doctor:

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