Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We've surpassed 10,000 site views!

We wanted to take a moment to thank everybody for helping us meet this terrific milestone. If we were to monetize this blog, we would probably make some money doing it. However, our mission is not about profit but of educating the public about the fraudulent activity the folks on our site of engaged in.

Some have written to us asking why our activity has slowed down lately. We are careful to research each of these fraudsters under a magnifying glass. We want to make sure our information is accurate so that we don't mistakenly expose those who have properly earned a doctorate. It's a time consuming process.

We assure you that your emails are received, read, and considered. If we don't get to your target right away, don't worry. They're on our to-do list!

Thank you again and happy new year!