Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jack Rhodes - Oklahoma City - FAKE Doctorate

Jack Rhodes, president and founder of MFTI, Inc. (Your Mental Gym) in Oklahoma City. He claims to have earned a PhD in Behavioral Science from "Chatworth College." He also claims to have received a "Bachelor of Science - Hypnosis degree." Our loyal readers already know that there is no such bachelor's degree. Looking ahead at his alleged PhD, our investigation yielded other individuals who are using the Chatworth College scam.

We found the site, which ousts another individual who claims to have "earned" a degree from "Chatworth College." The writer, who died at the hands of that particular scam artist, wrote the following:

How do you know Chatworth College is a sham?
Chatworth is supposedly located in San Jose, Costa Rica, but a call to the city of San Jose (011-506-2547-6160) resulted in a response that the city is not aware of such an institution ever existing in the city. Do a Google search for Chatworth College and you'll see a link to the "school's" laughable web page. There are also several online articles explaining it is a sham, including Be Wary of Nonaccredited Schools ( and Questional Organizations (, along with indictments against another supposed doctor who claims degrees from Chatworth.
Can I get a Ph.D. from Chatworth without having to go to classes?
Yes! Simply fill out the application, pay your fee, and in no time you too can pretend to be a "Dr." Act now and you can get the same 2-for-1 special at Chatworth, just like Anthony did without ever attending a class!
Having followed up on the writer's research, we have found his information to be credible. As such, Jack Rhodes does not have a PhD and he does not have a bachelor's degree. We conclude that Jack Rhodes is a PhD Fraud.