Sunday, January 27, 2013

APHP Chairman and Others Renounce their PhDs

An interesting thread surfaced recently on the hypnosis blog site,, entitled, "APHP Chairman and Others Renounce their PhDs: Start of the End of Exaggerated Credentialing?"

We wonder how long this thread is going to last before Scott Sandland decides to pull the plug.


Roy Hunter, a recipient of the prestigious (fake) doctorate degree, wrote:

"I believe this is a dangerous topic to discuss, as many people throw out the baby with the bathwater in their attempts to do housecleaning.
There is a huge difference between earning a degree, whether regionally accredited, non-accredited, or accredited by an agency that is not on the same level as a major university's regional accreditation."

Clearly you are oblivious to the fact that a "degree" that is "earned" from a non-accredited "university" or "agency" (as you write), is NOT A DEGREE. It is a piece of paper that means absolutely NOTHING.

"An accreditation attorney told me over a decade ago that it was legal to display non-accredited degrees that were earned unless prohibited by state law. For example, the DCH cannot be used in Florida, but it would be allowed if Florida (rather than California) had approved that degree as a non-accredited degree."

Of course you can display your non-accredited "degree" on your wall. Just like you can hang a photograph, a portrait, or a poster. It is when you mislead others into believing you are a doctor (which Mr. Roy Hunter has done), then it is unethical, immoral, and in some places, criminal.
"While I do not personally have a DCH..."

Really? What about the phony doctorates you supposedly earned from St. John's University and Alpha University? See

"...several of my former students worked many hours to earn that non-accredited designation from Al Krasner's organization...which I was told was approved as a non-accredited degree by the State of California. So would I be out of line advising my former students NOT to use a designation they worked for?"

No, Roy Hunter. You would not be out of line for advising former students NOT to call themselves a doctor when they haven't earned a doctorate. In fact, that would make you an ethical person. Since you have no idea what the word "ethics" mean, then it is no wonder why you continue to use your own phony doctorate and tell others to do the same. Doing some sort of work, which I'm sure was nowhere close to being on par with any legitimate degree program anywhere in the world, does not give an individual the right to claim false credentials. 

"I applaud the integrity of Terence Watts, both personally and professionally. However, let's not over-react, as some good people might get hurt.
Roy Hunter, flawed human
PS: My work speaks louder than any credentials.

Go ahead and continue to speak your meaningless rhetoric, Roy Hunter. If your work speaks louder than your credentials, then it would be easy to stop using your phony doctoral credentials."