Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another PhD Faker RIghts The Wrong

We received word that a hypnotist in Michigan, USA had renounced the fake PhD they supposedly "earned" from Alpha University. The excuse was, "I didn't know it wasn't an accredited degree."

While we swiftly take that lame excuse and discard it with as much effort as it took to earn the supposed degree, we accept that the person indicated had removed any self-reference to "PhD" or "Dr." on their website or marketing materials.

As such, this individual was removed from our blog.

We will, however, continue to follow up on these individuals as we have been made aware that this individual, and the UK-Based individual who we last reported to have taken steps to clear their name, are still closely involved with Conrad Adams, leader of the Alpha University scam, and plan to offer trainings in conjunction with the Alpha University scam outfit in the UK.