Sunday, December 2, 2012

Patti Scott, Patricia Scott, Palm Harbor, FL - FAKE Doctorate

We thank Scott Sandland and his HypnoThoughts Live for this referral as well. Patti Scott, aka Patricia Scott, of Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis, Inc. in Palm Harbor, FL claims to have earned a PhD in Behavioral Science (Major-Hypnosis) "with" Alpha University. Read here about the diploma mill known as Alpha University:

Patti joins the ranks of Terence Watts, Roy Hunter, and Patti Conklin...all who have fraudulently claimed to have earned doctorates from there. Welcome to the FAKE DEGREE CLUB, Patricia Scott.

Degree Mill = No Degree = No Doctorate

Oh how elusive Patti is. We found another source that says she earned a B.S. in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a PhD Candidate with American Pacific University.

Once again:

Degree Mill = No Degree = No Doctorate