Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alpha University - Degree Mill

Alpha University

We received several reports from individuals claiming to have earned a PhD from Alpha University. We previously busted Terence Watts, Roy Hunter, Patricia Scott, Jennifer Eve Alexander, and Patti Conklin, PhD Fakers, who all have claimed to have earned PhD's from here. 
A little more investigation into "Alpha University" reveals its mailing address as 4664 Jamestown Avenue, Suite 140C, Baton Rouge, LA.

This same addresses belongs to:

"Dr." Conrad Adams (also on our list of PhD Frauds
Action Tek Computer Services 
Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization 
Infinity Hypnosis Institute 
The Alpha Motivation Institute 

Sounds really fishy -a "university" that also happens to be a computer repair shop, a "hypnotherapy organization," and two different hypnosis "institutes." So I decided to check it out on Google Maps:

"Alpha University" happens to be a suite in the Parkview Office Building, which happens to be "Dr." Conrad Adams' hypnosis office. There's a For Rent sign in front of the building, so if you're looking for some office space in Baton Rouge, LA, I suggest contacting the Parkview Office Building management office.

"Alpha University" = BUSTED

Let's dig a little deeper into their "accrediting organization, the "National Accreditation for Colleges & Schools, Inc." (or NACS). A simple Google search yielded more complaints logged with the Better Business Bureau than I can count. Apparently, the NACS is NOT accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Click here to view all of the schools and agencies that ARE accredited by the D.O.E.
The NACS had misled numerous people trying to accredit their "schools" through deception, by saying that they are accredited or will soon be accredited, by the US Department of Education.

Therefore, let's create an equation:

If Alpha University is a SHAM, and the National Accreditation for Colleges and Schools is a SHAM, then any PhD supposedly earned a SHAM.