Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wayson Lee, Washington DC, FAKE Doctorate! UPDATED!

Wayson Lee of Washington, DC, claims to have earned a Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis and even refers to himself as Doc Wayson. However, he fails to state where he earned his doctorate, and he further fails to mention that THERE IS NO SUCH DEGREE AS A DOCTOR OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS.

Wayson Lee, you are a FRAUD.

We received an email from this guy today. He wrote:

So he says that he's not claiming "PhD nor Doctor in Clinical Hypnotherapy." Right, we did a little bit of digging. His LinkedIn profile says he earned the Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis at Albert U. He's not claiming to have a Doctorate? Interesting how he puts himself in the company of Ormond McGill (who did not have a doctorate), Will Horton (who DOES have a legitimate doctorate), and Barry Seedman, who "earned" his degree from American State University, one of the worst diploma mills ever and one of the very few to be shut down by Hawaii authorities. Perhaps the only people that your name should be next to is Barry and Nan Seedman.

Interestingly, Albert University, where he claimed to have earned his Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a degree mill owned by the same Barry Seedman who has absolutely no legitimate doctorate. See

Of course, just to be sure about Albert University, check out the degree mill resource guide at

Oddly, he goes on to say that he's an actor and a member of the Screen Actors Guild, as some sort of weird justification for promoting his fake doctorate.