Monday, November 26, 2012

Tim Brunson, Anniston, AL - FAKE Doctorates! Both of them!

Tim Brunson, of Hypnotherapy Solutions for Life in Anniston, Alabama, claims to have earned a PhD AND a DCH in Clincal Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University. Our followers know that American Pacific University is a known diploma mill. If you're a new reader, go here to read the list of known diploma mills:

In fact, the blurb on the front page of his website reads, "Why choose these titles written and voiced by me? TRUST! I have bother the experience AND education to know what I'm doing when it comes to hypnosis."

Where's the TRUST! when he's lying about his doctorate? Where's the EDUCATION when he's lying about his doctorate? 

Here's the REALLY sad part. It looks like he has a great resume consisting of legitimate undergraduate and graduate coursework, as well as military experience. Why would somebody like this want to tarnish that nice resume with a sham such as these fake PhDs? We are perplexed.