Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Response to Kathleen Hanover of HypnoThoughts

We were recently alerted to a discussion on the Ning-site,, where this blog became quite the topic of discussion. Kathleen Hanover, a self-purported PR expert, had this to say:

Ms. Hanover should know something about the media, as we are a media firm and she is supposedly a marketing expert. The law on libel is clear, with particular emphasis on the phrase, "A statement that falsely:"

We do our research. A diploma mill is a diploma mill, and a fake doctorate is a fake doctorate. Our statements are not false but are filled with truth (which is more than we can say for these individuals who are, indeed, falsely purporting to have earned a doctorate).

We also take note of your reference to us as "slimeball." Why would this lady want to take sides with individuals who are falsely purporting to have earned academic credentials? We wonder if there is an ulterior motive or if she is simply misinformed. The silent majority of readers will attest that we (and yes, we are more than one) are heros and those that are committing acts of fraud and deception by citing fake credentials are the true "slimeballs."

Further, to answer your question about photographs, they are not stolen. Once they are placed on the internet, they are a matter of public domain and we are free to use it when we are addressing that particular individual or individuals in our capacity as a media organization -much like your photo above as it is freely available on the internet. You posted it knowing that the world will see it.