Monday, November 26, 2012

Melissa Roth - Boulder, CO & Birmingham, AL FAKE PhD

Melissa J. Roth of the Colorado Hypnosis Center and the Alabama Hypnotherapy Center and Hypnosis Associates.

Now HERE'S a firecracker that attempts to justify her using a FAKE PhD by providing the argument that she has made contributions to the field of hypnosis. If you're THAT good, Melissa Roth, you wouldn't need to fake a degree. And providing "contributions" to a field isn't exactly how a person earns a degree, Melissa Roth. But you wouldn't know that, would you, since it appears that you have never spent a day in college.

She proclaims that she is "PROUD" of her act of fraud and is "PROUD" to be amongst the ranks of other fraudsters that we mentioned, including Terence Watts, and Roy Hunter. So go ahead and be proud, Melissa Roth, of the fact that you never earned a PhD yet you are telling the world that you did (and yes, you do advertise it. Look at the screen shot of your website and think again). In response to what you wrote below, who cares whether you started using PhD after your name after 10 years of practicing hypnosis or after 10 days? You never earned it and you are a fraud for using it.


We dug a little deeper into Ms. Roth's past. It appears that she goes back and forth between what doctorate she thinks she has actually earned.  We found on the site called Higher Self Communications, operated by another person who calls herself a doctor yet received it from the diploma mill called American Pacific University (that person is now in our sights, by the many degree frauds, yet so little time!)

Anyway, a nice little testimonial provided by Melissa Roth refers to herself as Melissa Roth, DCH(c). Apparently she claimed to be a doctoral candidate at one time.

Update (July 7, 2017) on Melissa Roth:

We received an email from an individual we'll call Scott. Here's what Scott had to share about Melissa Roth:
This woman has spun such a web it appears that she cannot keep her story straight. One post on the internet says that she has a Bachelor’s degree in biology and another post says that she has a Bachelor’s degree in premed. I guess she thought premed sounded better. Various posts say that she has a DCH (no such doctoral degree in existence) and a PhD in behavioral science. The schools for these are given as Alpha University and American Pacific University and they can be used interchangeably it seems. She claims to practice “medical applications” of hypnotherapy. “Medical applications” strongly suggests someone trained in medicine. Is she practicing medicine without a license? She claims to have cured her own fibromyalgia. Is she recognized by real medical literature for this amazing accomplishment. She says that “she has taught these processes in a top ten medical school (University of Alabama at Birmingham) and has been adjunct staff in its teaching hospital.” Hmmm. Also, she claims to have made Grand Rounds at numerous hospitals. She claims that her therapeutic protocols for IBS and Fibromyalgia are the most widely used in the world. Wow! She hangs with a number of hypnotherapists with spurious degrees and other credentials and the same high opinion of themselves. I suppose they think of themselves as medical professionals (heavy hitters at that) after studying what can be learned in a week or two. Most of them trash real medical professionals whenever they get a change (see the internet). Most real practitioners of the healing arts display their degrees and other credentials in a matter of fact and easy to understand and validate way, but not these hotshots. Her statements and claims can all be found on the internet with a simple search of her name, so this is just reporting those facts, nothing more, certainly not libel. Roth is entertaining, there is no denying that.

And another reference to Melissa Roth, DCH(c) at

And last by not the least, we find Melissa Roth, PhDc (we assume the "c" stands for candidate) at