Friday, November 23, 2012

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith aka Alex Leroy aka Alex Alexander FAKE DOCTORATE

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith aka Alex Leroy aka Alex Alexander of Huddersfield, England. I don't know if this guy is mentally imbalanced or what. Apparently he was banned from BBC for exposing himself on air.

Google "Alex Smith" or any of his other pseudonyms and the word "Scam." Judging from the NUMEROUS complaints one can find about this guy. Of course, we're here today to discuss the fact that he claims to have earned a doctorate (or at least calls himself Dr. on his web banner, in his introduction, and in his copyright information).

This next guy posted something on YouTube in support of Jonathan Royle, but I think he has some sort of mental disability because I can't understand a word he says:

Great testimonial there.

Smith-Royle-Leroy-Alexander doesn't bother to state where he earned his doctorate. A reader once told me that he once claimed to have earned seven doctorates. No further research is necessary about this scam artist.

We affirm that this guy, and all his names, is a scam artist who does not hold a doctorate.


A reader tipped us off about this one. In the Yahoo group,, Royle claims to have earned a Doctorate in Psychology from Chelsea University. 

Readers of our blog know where to look for diploma mills, which is here:

Then he admits to the degree being non-accredited. But then he purports that somebody named Geoffrey Niman a solicitor/lawyer who stamped it on behalf of the UK Government to make it "LEGALLY in England...just as good as any accredited degree."

Does anybody else see the red flags? Let's investigate. 

We researched Geoffrey Niman and learned that he's a lawyer in the UK. Interestingly, we found a story about a pair of Texas school administrators who were busted for the illegal use of a false doctorate in that state.  Read the story at

 Mr. Niman himself comments on the use of "apostille" and their stamping of the degree. Mr. Niman's function is to administer oaths (equivelant to a Notary Public in the US). The other stamp indicates that the document is an original document. In other words, an oath was taken by Royle, Smith, Whatever that his document was a real document. Just as real a document as your newspaper, box of Cheerios, and telephone bill. Mr. Royle or whatever his name is, completed fabricated the part about it being "just as good as any accredited degree." As such, we affirm that Alex/Jonathan Royale, Smith, Alexander DOES NOT hold a PhD and is, therefore, a degree FRAUD.