Saturday, November 24, 2012

Huntington Pacific University - A Degree Mill

A search of the internet found a page for "Huntington Pacific University" at
Here is a website, designed by an amateur. Take away the suffix "hpu" and you will find a very cryptic page with a number of broken links titled, "Spiral On Dudes!" Here, somebody named Spiralona claims to be the host of "Sacred Originality Televison." Ok, so this is getting weird. A whois search for yielded an address of at 809 N Branciforte Ave in Santa Cruz, California. Apparantly, it's a very nice house with about $400K. Not what I would call a University.

Anyway, going back to the original link of, Huntington Pacific University claims to be accredited by the World Associations of Universities and Colleges.  A Google search yielded a defunct website at

Wikipedia says this organization is not recognized by the United States Department of Education.
but was created by a lady named Maxine Asher, directer of the unaccredited American World University. At one point, Maxine offered a New Year's special on all of her degrees, for only $1000. So here's what happened, Maxine created a bogus school that nobody would accredit. So she created her own accrediting agency. Now she's probably making a few bucks from other unaccredited "universities" for the privilage of being accredited (by a non-recognized organization). But hey, they are accredited -WHO CARES RIGHT? Whatever.

We affirm that since "Huntington Pacific University" and the "World Associations of Universities and Colleges" are not recognized, legitimate entities. Any person who claims to have earned a degree from here is CONNING YOU.

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