Friday, November 23, 2012

"Dr." Michael Harris - Richardson, TX - PhD Fraud

"Dr." Michael Harris of Richardson, Texas. This guy is so vain about his "credentials" that he uses it in his domain name and in his email correspondence ( He really wants you to believe that he is a doctor.

First we must examine Huntington Pacific University, where Harris claims to have earned his "PhD." A search of the internet found a page for "Huntington Pacific University" at
Here is a website, designed by an amateur. Take away the suffix "hpu" and you will find a very cryptic page with a number of broken links titled, "Spiral On Dudes!" Here, somebody named Spiralona claims to be the host of "Sacred Originality Televison." Ok, so this is getting weird. A whois search for yielded an address of at 809 N Branciforte Ave in Santa Cruz, California. Apparantly, it's a very nice house with about $400K. Not what I would call a University.

Anyway, going back to the original link of, Huntington Pacific University claims to be accredited by the World Associations of Universities and Colleges.  A Google search yielded a defunct website at

Wikipedia says this organization is not recognized by the United States Department of Education.
but was created by a lady named Maxine Asher, directer of the unaccredited American World University. At one point, Maxine offered a New Year's special on all of her degrees, for only $1000. So here's what happened, Maxine created a bogus school that nobody would accredit. So she created her own accrediting agency. Now she's probably making a few bucks from other unaccredited "universities" for the privilage of being accredited (by a non-recognized organization). But hey, they are accredited -WHO CARES RIGHT? Whatever.

We affirm that since "Huntington Pacific University" and the "World Associations of Universities and Colleges" are not recognized, legitimate universities, Michael Harris is NOT a doctor. In fact, he has no academic qualification whatsoever. We can't say if he is a good "hypnotist" or not, but if he was effective, he certainly wouldn't have to LIE about his qualifications.

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