Friday, November 23, 2012

"Dr." Keli Henault - PhD FRAUD from Austin, TX

"Dr." Keli Henault, aka Kelli Henualt, aka Kelly Henault, aka Kel Henault, aka Keli Mathieu of Austin Hypnosis Healing Center and hypnotist "trainer" for the EXTREMELY ETHICAL (not) International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, claims to have earned a PhD in Psychology. However, she fails to state from WHERE she earned this PhD.

Perhaps she is a sociopath, because she seems to believe she has earned a PhD and even goes so far as to mention in a newsgroup that she's "a geek with a PhD." (See below)

The above clue to her PhD scam, however, is that she had apparantly forgot to tell where she earned her PhD. Maybe the where doesn't matter? Certainly, if my brain were to be operated on, I would like to know whether my surgeon studied at Johns Hopkins University or the University of Nepal.

We affirm that Keli Henault is a scam artist purporting to have earned a PhD when she has not. (But you're always free to write and correct us, Keli.)


So we emailed her with a simple question, "Please advise from where you earned your PhD." 

She provides two responses, without ever saying where her "PhD" is from and even includes a threat that she will have her "Brother [do] his hacking magic and tell me exactly the name and address of the computer that sent this email...and I will find out that way. Either way, I'm going to find out who you are because I don't appreciate your email and I suspect that you suffer from paranoid delusions."

Well, Not-A-Doctor Keli, your brother, Guido, can "hack" all he wants. It doesn't bother us. What IS bothersome is that you are ripping off hundreds of clients and students by giving them the false notion that you have earned a doctorate.

She includes, "I'm not sure where one gets a "fake" Ph.D. You either do all the work or you don't. You mean I could have gotten a Ph.D. without all that work?"

Yes, that is exactly what we mean. And we believe you know exactly what we mean as well.

Then she writes, "Well, you have a few options. 1. You can make an appointment for hypnotherapy and come into my office and then you'll see all my degrees."

That's actually only one option, Not-A-Doctor Keli. We do believe you have a piece of paper that you hang on your wall that says you have earned a doctorate, but we also believe that piece of paper is worth the cost of the paper because it is not a legitimate, accredited, properly earned doctorate. Perhaps you can take a photo of it with your smartphone, email it to me, and all this will go away (if it's legit)?

Finally, she wrote, "My educational experience is not top secret information, however, since you sent me this very rude email, call me and once you tell me who you are, I will tell you what school in the state of Virginia I received my doctorate degree in psychology."

We sent you a polite email that asked one simple question,  "Please advise from where you earned your PhD." We simply ask that you tell us where you earned your PhD, a question which you conveniently refuse to answer. Why are you being so cryptic? Because your reputation is on the line and you KNOW that you have screwed yourself.
We continue to affirm that Keli Henault is a scam artist who falsely purports to have earned a doctorate. 


We received more communication from Not-A-Doctor Keli. 

Now this fraud thinks we are somebody named John. Our apologies to John, if you're reading this. In any case, she continues to avoid stating the name of the institution from where she "earned" her "PhD." She also believes we are obsessed with her. We do have an obsession, Not-A-Doctor Keli, but it's not about you personally, it's about frauds who falsely claim to have earned a PhD.

She then follows up with more emails, and finally wrote the she received her PhD at the University of Melbourne. If you recall, she earlier wrote that she received her PhD in Virginia. So we asked:

Is that in Virginia?

But then she wrote that she earned a PhD at the University of Melbourne, in Melbourne AU. She's already burying herself in a pile of lies. Add to that, her Facebook page reads that she earned a PhD from the University of Melbourne in the UK. In case you don't know, that's neither Virginia or Australia.

We researched to see if Not-A-Doctor Keli had written a dissertation at the University of Melbourne. We checked with the University's library and we also checked ProQuest's Dissertation Database. There were no hits for anything written by Not-A-Doctor Keli, under any available current or previous name.

We continue to affirm that Keli Joi Henault is a scam artist purporting to hold a doctorate who, in fact, DOES NOT.  

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