Friday, November 23, 2012

Conrad Adams - Baton Rouge FAKE PhD and Diploma Mill Sleeze Bag

Conrad Adams of Baton Rouge, LA is the next to find his way into our walk of shame. We found him by accident when we were tipped off about some other individuals who we previously wrote about. Conrad, who poses on the left as the Dos Equis man, claims to have a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a PhD in Behavior Science with a major in hypnotherapy. Of course, he doesn't state FROM WHERE he earned these so-called degrees.

This fraud claims to be the vice-president of the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (although their website make no mention of a vice-president, or even a president and, if somehow he is the vice-president, he is violating their own so-called Code of Ethics by fraudulently misrepresenting himself. But who's checking?). He is also the founder and Dean of an unaccredited "university" called Alpha University, which delivers fake PhD credentials to other con artists from his one room suite located in an office building in Baton Rouge, LA (See for more information about "Alpha University"). Adams' wife happens to be the "Dean of Admissions."

I am willing to bet that he earned his "degree" from Alpha University.