Saturday, November 24, 2012

Barry Neale, Fake PhD, Essex UK

Barry Neale, PhD Scam Artist. This jerk BOASTS that he is one of only a handful of hypnotists in the UK who has earned a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a PhD in Counseling Psychology. He has claimed to have earned his doctorate through "Calamus University"

Looking closer at Calamus University, the Whois description of the website owner lists the address as 27 Old Gloucester Street in GB, which is a remailer so that a person could appear to have a prestigious address.

According to Calamus' website, their accreditation reads, "
Calamus Extension College Ltd. certificates and diplomas are private UK qualifications. The college is independently fully accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning, a private, non-governmental accrediting body that specifically accredits distance learning colleges.

Calamus Extension College Ltd. certificate and diploma qualifications are not under any British national or governmental qualifications accreditation framework. In the UK, it is legal to issue certificates and diplomas in many fields without government authority or approval and there are very many UK private sector schools that do so especially in the areas of complementary therapies, personal development, business training  and vocational skills.

So now we know they are not accredited. But let's look further at the the International Association of Distance Learning. Our research yields that absolutely no government entity in the world recognizes this organization to accredit any degree.

In other locations, we found that Barry Neale claimed to have earned his doctorate through Huntington Pacific University (see our page on Huntington Pacific University), the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, another degree mill that hands out unaccredited "degrees," and the American Pacific University, also an unaccredited degree mill (see

As such, we conclude that Barry Neale is a FRAUD and purchased his so-called "PhD" from a degree mill.