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A great deal for those who want a Doctorate in Hypnosis!

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This is amazing! Only $790 to become a Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis! With 200 hours of course work completed "on the honor system!" We can't wait to sign up!

The person who will take your money and say you now can have a DCH after your name is Mike Stower, of Dallas Texas. You're next on our list of frauds, by the way.

Serious about your Hypnosis career?

Want more prestige?

Considered adding DCH after your name?

Then now is your opportunity...

International Hypnosis Certification Board(IHCB)
in conjunction with the Hypnosis Institute of Texas is offering the

Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis

A non-traditional entitlement program

As a working hypnotist, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of certificates and titles. Clients many times base their choices of professionals by the letters at the end of their name. They continue to be influenced by these letters rather than the amount of training or time in practice.

There has never been nor is there, at this time, a standardized training curriculum for hypnosis. The training opportunities are many and you realize after researching how many different curriculums are offered. Therefore, as a service to the many working hypnotists, I am offering a Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis program based on practical uses and outcomes of hypnotic and NLP interventions rather than academic achievements that have previously been based on antiquated and outdated essay requirements.

Currently offered hypnosis doctoral degree plans require a lengthy time frame to complete and are so dearly priced that most hypnotists may just pass up the opportunity rather than go in debt. Our program is AFFORDABLE.

A degree without competency has little value and eventually ‘the laws of attrition’ take over. When you are competent in your career choice, people will come to you. Competency in hypnosis is based more on practice than theory.

You may have discovered the majority of hypnotists work for themselves. As this gives them total control over their education requirements,the DCH  program is the perfect compliment. A DCH is not a PhD.

As a proud professional hypnotist with a DCH I have personally benefited without question from the added prestige the title has presented to my clients. However, when I began the DCH program it was priced at more than $3,000 and required reading of more than 65 books and written exams. It took me 18 months to complete. All theory and no practical evidence needed to show that I had learned more. Just more reading and test taking to substantiate the tuition.

This program is only for the most dedicated and understanding of non-degreed healthcare practitioners needing that extra something to improve their marketing skills to help their business grow.

DCH programs are not sanctioned, accredited nor designed to meet any specific local, state, national or international licensing and/or credentialing laws. If licensing is the main objective, IHCB advises each student to check the standards of their particular states, school districts, professional associations and/or agencies for specific licensing requirements.

This entitlement program is many things; It is less expensive, more convenient, and in many ways more meaningful than traditional classroom-based education. In non-traditional education you have more to say about what you learn and how you learn it.

And most importantly, I won’t just kick you loose afterward. I’m never too busy to discuss your hypnosis career. Ask and you’ll find I’m one of the most generous hypnotists around when it comes to sharing information. I’m just a phone call away – 972-234-1989.
  1. FREE - UNLIMITED telephone consultations

  2.   DCH Requirements

200 hrs of training (we do not check – the honor system prevails)or have completed:
Hypnosis Institute of Texas Certification Course
NGH Certification Course
ABH Certification Course
IACT Certification Course
HMI Certification Course
ACHE Certification Course

  1. Classroom or distance learning.
  2. Includes seminars and/or convention workshops(attended or given)
  3. A minimum of 1 year association with a hypnosis practice
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$790 enrollment fee +  Includes unlimited communication about your practice, setting  up Web pages and Marketing.
To enroll or 4 more information:

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