Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Elsa Stokes - PhD Fraud Update

Elsa Stokes (see our previous blog on her at wrote to us requesting to remove our blog about her. She wrote:

You had no right at all to post about me and that my PhD is fake, I am Board certified as a Alternative Doctor with the American Alternative Medical association, please feel free to call them and get the details, I am requesting you remove this off your site immediately I will report you to Google and any other measure I see fit including a law suit. You can see the certificate on my website. under the about tab. Just because you do not agree with what I do gives you no right to lie.

Our response:
Simply put, we don't lie. We carefully engage in a great deal of research before posting here. But we looked at your certificate:

It is very pretty. However, it is not worth more than the paper it is printed on. According to this list of Unrecognized Higher Education Organizations (See, the American Alternative Medication Association (AAMA) made the cut. Your esteemed organization is not recognized by any legitimate authority. 

Even Stephen Barrett, M.D. of, who is a legitimate doctor, distrusts the AAMA (See 

But let's not stop there. Take this article about an 18 year-old who was arrested for going to hospitals and inviting himself to OB/GYN exams (see Where did he claim to have received his doctorate? Of course, the American Alternative Medical Association. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Yvonne Oswald - Updated - PhD Fraud Upheld

We received a response from Yvonne Oswald. She wrote:

Dear Sir,
I have received an email from a friend of mine saying that you wrote a blog stating I have a fake PhD.

I am appalled that you would do this with no basis in fact. My PhD in Clinical hypnosis took me 6 years to complete and was one of the most gruelling things I’ve ever done in my life. It was with the American Pacific University with Tad James, now Kona University. I spent $10,000 US to complete it and my defence took place with three of the most respected professors in the industry. Brian Walsh PhD, one of the most well renowned hypnosis experts in the world, from the west coast of Canada, was one of my defence examiners.

Please stop spreading gossip immediately or I will take further action.

I have two different Master’s in Hypnosis, a Master’s in NLP and Trainer’s Trainings, as well as a best selling book now in eleven languages. I have spent well over $100,000 on my education in Hypnosis and NLP. My work speaks for itself. I work with people who have PTSD, suicidal thoughts, cutters and people who have been abused emotionally or sexually. I would hope if you are a serious member of my soul group that you would do good work instead of spreading nasty rumours.

Please cease and desist immediately and withdraw any comments on your blog.

Thank you

Yvonne Oswald PhD

416 494 2233

Please feel free to call me on my cell if you have any further questions.

Our Response:
Yvonne Oswald of Global Welcome and The Healing House of Niagara Falls, ON, Canada confirmed that she "studied" at American Pacific University.  Readers of our blog know that American Pacific University is not accredited (see Our educated readers also know that there are no accredited master's or doctoral level degrees in Hypnosis anywhere in the world. Further, she claims to have master's degrees in Hypnosis, again of which there are no such accredited programs anywhere in the world. There are also no accredited degree programs in NLP.

Thank you for turning us on to Brian Walsh. We look forward to investigating the legitimacy of his doctorate.

Your threat of "further action" does not intimidate us as no judge with a legitimate jurisdoctorate will take your fake PhD seriously.

Dear Yvonne Oswald, NLP trainer at,

Every single one of your marketing mechanisms highlights your "PhD" yet you provide no evidence, school, or program.

Ms. Oswald, you have seven days to respond to us with evidence of your degree. If you do not comply, you will join the ranks of your esteemed colleagues on this site.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jim Wand Update

Jim Wand is a peculiar individual. First he claims to hold a PhD in Psychology from the University of Southern California (See our original post about Jim at

Note that on the day of our original posting, Jim Wand of Wand Enterprises stated on his website that he "holds a PhD in the field of Psychology." See below:

And then, after our blog was published, Jim Wand changed his biography to read that he "holds a PhD in Philosophy." See below:

However, the Jim Wand's outlandishness continues in his "official statement in response to the blog post being circulated..." He wrote:

This is my official statement in response to the blog post being circulated about myself. In the blog post, which is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack by a competitor, I have been accused of not possessing a Doctorate from USC. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college in Iowa, my Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin. I also earned my Doctorate from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy (AIH), a southern California-based educational establishment licensed by the State of CA at the time of which I was granted the degree. Until recently, I believed that AIH was part of the University of California system and, because of this, had stated that I obtained my degree from USC. AIH was not part of the system. I misspoke about where I received this degree, and I apologize for doing so.
This same blog post also falsely accuses me of using cocaine and misrepresents information from a court decision. Let me be clear - I am not, nor have I ever been, a user of cocaine. Thirty years ago, I was asked to assist in a police investigation by purchasing cocaine, with government funds, as a part of a sting operation. I was involved in the situation only because law enforcement requested my participation. The documents included on the blog are from an appeal made by the primary target of the sting operation that was found to have no merit. I have never been charged with or convicted of a crime related to illegal drugs.
I have worked successfully as a stage hypnotist for decades. I am proud of my education, my experience and my commitment to this profession. Any suggestion that I am unqualified or otherwise unfit to do my job is blatantly false.” - Jim Wand

So now Jim Wand suddenly earned is doctorate at the unaccredited, illegitimate American Institute of Hypnotherapy, but had always thought it was part of the University of Southern California. He must have read the recent blog we wrote about Scott McFall and the American Institute of Hypnotherapy (See Regardless, Jim Wand doesn't hold any legitimate doctorate in any way, shape, or form.


About the cocaine....
What makes Jim Wand so special that the law enforcement community would recruit him to take down a drug dealer? Nothing. The legal opinion posted in our original blog is clear as to what Jim Wand was doing with cocaine.

It's fascinating how like-minded people stick together in the hypnosis profession. Those who "liked" Jim Wand's statement and support him included the following individuals:

Sean Michael Andrews
Robert Geigle
Gyula "Julius" Kovacs
Maureen Amen
Jeffrey Richards
Rick Green
Angie J. Hernandez
Tom Roth
Shawn Fetters
James Mapes
Brian Madrid
Blaze Driscoll
William Mitchell
Colton Frankenberg
Michael Mayo
Monica Augustine
Ari M. Silver
Joel Groth
Derrick Watkins
John Moyer
Robert Stremcha
Julie Jj Lahr
Doug Thompson

Robert Stremcha wrote "Thanks for clearing that up Jim, I was one of the few who stood up for you."

William Mitchell wrote "I can confidently attest to the high caliber of Hypnotic work of Jim Wand. He will always be Dr. Jim Wand to me. He is truly one of the greats of our profession!"

Jay Tee wrote "Jim, those hypnotists who know what we are about, also know how well you have led the field of hypnosis for years, and we appreciate your hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, there will always be those few who hate high performers, because they cannot do as well. And they will try anything to hurt those who have the audacity to keep on going on. The best thing you can do is to allow them to continue being their mediocre selves forever.
We've got your back, my friend."

If you do not support individuals falsifying their credentials or involved with drugs, then do not support any of the above named people who have the "back" of slime balls like Jim Wand.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scott McFall - Not a Doctor

We found Scott McFall of Fort Myers, FL, thanks to Jim Wand's website (see our report on Jim Wand at McFall claims to hold a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. The screen shots at the end of this blog show just a few of the many times he has referred to himself as a "doctor" as part of his marketing campaigns. Followers of our blog know all too well that there is no legitimate doctoral degree in hypnotherapy or hypnosis anywhere in the world.

Scott is the owner of the Christian Hypnosis Connection and the Christian Hypnosis Association.

Scott needs to reread his Bible:
"You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another."  Leviticus 19:11 
“A truthful witness saves lives, but one who breathes out lies is deceitful.” Proverbs 14:25
The American Institute of Hypnotherapy was owned and operated by Al Krasner.  Deirdre Barrett wrote in "Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy:"
Krasner had founded the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, which later morphed into American Pacific University, another unaccredited school/diploma mill according to Consumer Fraud Reporting Organization (2009) and the Oregon Department of Education. (See p. 131 or click here)
 Unaccredited + diploma mill = Not a doctorate

Interestingly, when we leaked our upcoming report about Scott McFall, he made a public announcement which was forwarded to us by a Facebook user:
I understand that I am being attacked by bloggers now. These attacks began at other hypnotists like Jim Wand and others. But since my qualifications are being attacked... For the record, I was trained in the 1980s by the National Guild, Then I went through the program at American Institute of Hypnotherapy under Richard Neves owned by Al Krasner (licensed by the state of California as an academic program). I started practice at the Oldenburg Clinic in 1984. During this time I worked in general practice of hypnosis through referral with various chiropractors etc. My grandmother and family were trained through Harry Aarons. My father and grandfather were students of Thurmond Fleet. During my years of practice I opened offices in multiple cities and and states. 5 of those practices were sold to other hypnotists after years. I then founded the IHTC group of schools that created vocationally licensed schools in multiple states. Some schools were operating under state exemption. Through seminars in multiple states I personally trained at least 300 stage hypnotists and over 1,000 clinical hypnotists.

Much like "Slick Willy" Will Horton (See our reports on Will at and, Scott McFall completely skirts the issue of his illegitimate doctorate. We will call this a "Hortonism." Instead, McFall pleads with his readers, attempting to embellish all of his alleged accomplishments. Nothing he said addresses his fraudulent use of the title "doctor." If his accomplishments were so great, he would have no need to utilize false credentials.

Like many others boasting fake doctorates, Scott McFall is a champion of both the National Guild of Hypnotists and HypnoThoughts.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Will Horton Update

Yesterday we exposed William Horton for the worthless doctorate he claims to hold (See Nevertheless, on the Hypnothoughts group that celebrates people with worthless, phony credentials (see Melissa Tiers' post below his -we exposed Tiers'  phony doctorate in 2012, see he published a response to this. He wrote:
Teaching At Hypnothoughts this summer
Hey everyone just a quick note:
I am a licensed Psychologst [sic]
State of California (Psy)
State of Florida (LL)
International (and Florida) Certified Addictions Counselor
I post this as their [sic] was a question about credentails [sic]
Also been to FBI Training Quantico (Hostage & Crisis)

For somebody who allegedly holds a doctorate, his spelling is atrocious. Funny how he completely skirts the issue of his worthless doctorate.  In fact, not a single mention of it.

Yes, he indeed is licensed to practice psychology in California, a fact that we never contested-which also has nothing to do with the phony doctorate we exposed. However, Will Horton would never be approved to practice psychology in California today had his worthless master's degree not been grandfathered in.

As you can see, his license was issued in 1999. In 2000, however, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill #400 which delineates the following:

“Prospective students should be aware that as a graduate of an unaccredited school of psychology you may face restrictions that could include difficulty in obtaining licensing in a state outside of California and difficulty in obtaining a teaching job or appointment at an accredited college or university. It may also be difficult to work as a psychologist for some federal government or other public agencies, or to be appointed to the medical staff of a hospital. Some major managed care organizations, insurance companies, or preferred provider organizations may not reimburse individuals whose degrees are from unaccredited schools. Graduates of unaccredited schools may also face limitations in their abilities to be listed in the ‛National Register of Health Service Providers’ or to hold memberships in other major organizations of psychologists.” (See

In short, while Will Horton can practice psychology in California (and I am sure the California Board of Psychology is not thrilled about this) his degree and licensure is worthless anywhere else. Which begs the next question, how is he certified to practice psychology in Florida?

A review of his record in Florida yields the following:

Horton skirted around the requirements for licensure by applying for a LIMITED LICENSE. What is a Limited License? The Florida statute requires the following for a Limited License:

1. An affidavit stating that the applicant has been licensed to practice in any jurisdiction in the United States for at least 10 years...

2. The affidavit shall also state that the applicant has retired or intends to retire from the practice of that profession and intends to practice only pursuant to the restrictions of the limited license granted pursuant to this section.

3. The recipient of a limited license may practice only in the employ of public agencies or institutions or nonprofit agencies or institutions which meet the requirements of s. 501(c)(3)...

While none of this has anything to do with his phony doctorate we exposed, it is interesting to note that he was only able to obtain this LIMITED license in Florida for merely having been licensed in California for 10 years. However, in that he is misrepresenting his licensure and using this to further his financial gain from his NLP organization, seminars at hypnosis conferences, and product sales, it is quite possible that he is in violation of Florida law.

Additionally, a blog reader alerted us to Will Horton's bogus claim that he is a certified alcohol/drug counselor with the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association - (IAODAPCA). As you can see from the image below, a search of their member directory yields no William Horton.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

William Horton - A "Worthless Doctorate"

Today we would like to direct our attention to the poster boy of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the founder of the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NFNLP), Will Horton. We noticed some time ago that William Danny Horton frequently mentions his acting studies at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but rarely mentions anything about his graduate background. So we decided to look. Thanks to his relationship with the phony-PhD James Wand (See our blog at, we were able to find that Horton claims to have earned a Psy.D. at Newport University. Newport University? Never heard of it. So we started to dig.

According to numerous website, Newport University was a private UNACCREDITED institution. In a 2003 story about Donald Stettner, a school counselor who was criminally charged with child molestation, a reporter from Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV News wrote:

"Stettner claims he received a master's in psychology from Newport University -- which KDKA discovered is an Internet school that is not accredited by the US Department of Education. In fact, in four states, it's a crime to put a Newport University degree on your resume." (See
Not accredited.It's a crime to list this university on your resume in four states.

In evaluating others who claim to have earned a degree from Newport University, Powerof3 Consultants found the following:
Our investigation shows that Newport University (aka Janus University) is not and never was an accredited institution in the US. Therefore their degrees are worthless. (See
One individual wrote:
When my son was looking for a place to get a degree I checked out Newport University because they seemed to be close to where I live. Their website was different then. I think that they were then a diploma mill (pay your money get a diploma) at best and a scam at worst.

Further, a review of the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database yielded no dissertations by Will Horton.

William D. Horton the won the Presidents Award and Educator of the Year Award from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists-IACT -owned by Robert Otto, who we previously exposed for his fake doctorate (see, the Journalism Award with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Raffa Award from the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame (their highest Award) (also owned and operated by PhD fraudster Robert Otto) and the Pen and Quill Award from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) -yes, also owned by PhD fraudster Robert Otto.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jim Wand - FAKE Doctorate and Cocaine Buyer

When you've finished reading this article, be sure to read the update here:

We've been wanting to expose this crook for years. We wondered how many thousands of people, including colleges and gullible students, he bilked of a tremendous amount of money from believing that he has legitimate credentials. Finally, with the help and research of a blog fan, we were able to nail him. Our informant said the following, and we couldn't agree more, "I am writing this to you since Jim has wronged many people in many different ways, and he is making a GRAND living all the way..."

Jim Wand, stage hypnotist and proprietor of Wand Enterprises where he attempts to book himself as well as other hypnotists (such as Rich Alexander, Rick Allen, Capt. Andy, Mickey Angel, Terrance B., Richard Barker, Melissa Barnes, Don Barnhart, Robert Berry, Rick Bultez, Michael DeSchalit, Kim Bromley, Matt Davis, Jay Brian, Richard E. Darshwood, Joanna Cameron, Patti Freeman, Barbara Gambrill, David Fontenot (aka David Fonteneau), Chuck King, Brian Madrid, Michael Mayo, William Mitchell, Pete Mamos, John Moyer, Nadeen Manuel, Nate McVicker, Michael Night, Freddie Justice, Brent Husmann, William Horton, Kevin Lepine, Pat Boulanger, Brad Clark, Brian Eslick, Shawn Fetters, Tracy Gray, John Greene, HypnoClyde, InTranced Hyposis, Brenda Kaye, Chaz King, Chris Mabrey, Steve Marino, Mark Maverick, Michael Mezmer, Jeff Michaels, Jay Noblezada, Kerry Sharp, Al Snyder, Tony Z., Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee, Cory Osborn, Tom Roth, Kenda Summers, Derrick Watkins, The Incredible Boris, Mike Winters, David R. Wright, Dr. Z., Jon Wayes, Doug Thompson, Brian Schwartz, Steve Atwood, Laura Amoroso, Michael Anthony, Martin Baratz, Andrew Becker, Richard Cole, Gary Conrad, Joe DeVito, Michael Djavahery, Michael Doubet, Brock Edwards, Kreskin, Bob Faith, Alan Ferland, Travis Fox, Don Friedman, Jimmy G, John Greene Sr., Jeff Harpring, Cody Horton, Robert Ian, Mark Irish, C. J. JohnsonBarry Jones, Jim Kellner, Jim Kenaga, Paul Knight, Dan Ladd, Don Mannarino, Scott McFall, Doug McGraw, Jerry McLane, Christine Michele, Chuck Milligan, Jason Mystic, Mary Elizabeth Raines, Valerie J. Reeves, Susan Rosen, David Rowe, Paul Royter, Richard Rumble, Dan Sanders, Harrison Smith, Jim Spinnato, Greg Steele, Ron Stubbs, Zac Tenneboe, Leroy Williams, Kevin Wolfe, and Rusty Z) at colleges and universities, claims to have earned a PhD in Psychology from the University of Southern California.

No offense to the names above named on Wand's website, but if you align yourself with an individual of poor moral and ethical penchants, then you are only tainting your own selves.

In an interview written at Henderson State University, James Henry Wand stated, " I got my Bachelors in Psychology at Iowa, my Masters at Wisconsin and my Doctorate at USC." (See

And here's another article...(See

Yet, somebody somewhere will say, "Hey! Those reporters are fibbing!" For those of you who think this, here are the words straight from Jim Wand's lying mouth:

However, upon contacting the registrar's office at the University of Southern California, Dr. (a legitimate doctorate, by the way) James Feigert, Assistant Registrar, confirms that James Henry Wand has NEVER attended USC. Does he even have a bachelor's or master's degree? That is worthy of further investigation.

Wait! There's more! It looks like Jim Wand has a taste for cocaine. We've always wondered why he wears those stupid looking sunglasses. Now we know they're there to hide his dilated pupils. Let's take a look at Jim Wand's criminal history...

According to the Open Jurist (See, James Wand was implicated in a cocaine distribution operation where he was the purchaser. The court brief reads, "The evidence against Pregler included involvement in drug transactions from 1985 to 1988, including sales to a government undercover agent. Before the sentencing, Pregler's attorney stated that his objections to the presentence report had been resolved but he questioned applying the Guidelines to conduct occurring prior to the effective date of the Guidelines. The conduct occurring after the Guidelines concerned the sale of cocaine to James Wand, a professional stage hypnotist, who was a cooperating government witness...Pregler argues that Wand persuaded him, through Wand's skills as a hypnotist, to sell Wand some cocaine in 1988, thereby allowing the Guidelines to apply to his sentence. Pregler's due process rights were not violated by using Wand as a government informant. Wand was a friend of Pregler's and Pregler testified at his sentencing that once he was presented with an opportunity to sell cocaine, he went along with it. He did not raise an entrapment defense or allege that Wand influenced him unduly to sell cocaine."

Jim Wand is a revered guest of Hypnothoughts Live, an organization run by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark that is chock full of likeminded "hypnotists" with questionable credentials and fake doctorates. In June 2016, Coke-Head Jim Wand will be teaching hypnosis in his home state of Iowa at the "Power House Summit" with Sean Michael Andrews and Richard Barker (See our blog on this scheister at It would be interesting to see if the three of them will be sharing lines of powder or if Wand will be keeping it all to himself. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Richard Barker - Hypnosis Con Artist

While the goal of this site is primarily to expose those individuals fraudulently claiming to have fake doctorates, we sometimes like to expose individuals who are blatant frauds.

Richard Barker, a hypnotist who appeared on several television shows is one such individual. He recently self-published a book on (which goes to show that any monkey can self-publish) entitled "Selling Hypnotically." The "Incredible Hypnotist," as he coins himself, makes his money conning gullible aspiring hypnotists to take his "seminars" and doing hypnosis shows at fairs through his own agency, "National Entertainment Group." Instead of calling himself the "Incredible Hypnotist," we think he should call himself the "Despicable Hypnotist."

On the web page at where he promotes his book, "Selling Hypnotically," Richard Barker provided several testimonials "From All Around the World" from supposed people proclaiming how he has helped their business and marketing careers. Little do most people know, everything about these people and testimonials are fake -fake testimonials and fake photographs. Perhaps by the time you read this, maybe he will change things. However, the screenshots below will remain forever.

The first testimonial is by a man named "George James" who allegedly wrote, "Richard Barker knows his stuff. I joined his Incredible Business Master Class and my show bookings exploded. Thanks to his techniques and advice I finally understand marketing." See below:

However, our research found that this was no man named "George James." In fact, Richard Barker stole this photograph from a film producer named Christopher Riley. See below:

Then there is the lovely "Jessica Romano," who said "I have been with REMAX for 7 years now and I’ve never enjoyed so much success in my career. Getting the client to visualize and create the sale and use their imagination was an awesome practical tip I now use; this is an excellent read." See below:

However, this lady is not "Jessica Romano," the high-powered REMAX Real Estate agent that Richard Barker claims.  She is, in fact, Clementine Stowell -a Starbucks barista. See below:

Then there is "Evan Gordon" who supposedly said, "I sell cars for a living; I love outside sales and love the people interaction. I realized I was approaching sales wrong when I read this book and it made complete sense." What a great testimonial this would be, if Richard Barker hadn't just made this up. See below:

As to be expected from "The Incredible Hypnotist," Richard Barker though, the individual pictured is not "Evan Gordon," but rather Simon McKinney, a New Zealand-based comedian. Now THAT'S comical! See below:

And then finally, who Richard Barker uses the alias "Victor Sessions," who supposedly said, "Just get the book, don’t delay or sit on the fence. Persuasion combined with Suggestion and Hypnosis – you won’t go wrong." See below:

Well, you CAN go wrong, if you waste your money on Barker's book because because the person photographed is not somebody named "Victor Sessions," but rather Morgan Stanley's Chief US Equity strategist named Adam Parker. I wonder how the real person posed "Victor Sessions" would feel if he knew about this. See below:

So there you have it. Would you waste your money on a book, show, or seminar by this con artist? We hope that, after reading this, you will make the right choice and run as far away from this snake as you can.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Brick Saunderson - Fake Doctorate

Brick Saunderson of Crossroads Counseling Group in Parksville BC Canada claims to have earned the "Doctor of Ministry with High Distinction Honours from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana." Our research shows that Trinity Theological Seminary appears on the list of unaccredited institutions of higher education. Their website also states that they are not accredited yet stands behind the facade of a religious institution to assert their right to confer degrees. Therefore, Brick Saunderson does NOT hold a legitimate, accredited doctorate.

Brick Saunderson also states that he is a member of the following:

Registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist (Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists of Canada. which he founded)

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (ARCH Canada, also which he founded)

Certified Counselling-Hypnotherapist (International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA) Speciality)

Certified Hypnoanaesthesia & Pain Management Therapist (ARCH Canada, which he founded)

Certified Parts Mediation Therapist (ARCH Canada, which he founded)

Certified Time-Line Protocol Therapist (ARCH Canada, which he founded)

Certified Neuro Lingistic Programming Practitioner (AUNLP)

Certified Instructor in Clinical Counselling Hypnosis (ARCH Canada, which he founded)

Certified Instructor (IMDHA, IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists)

Certified Mastery Coach (SCM)

Certified G-Jo® Acupressurist Instructor/Practitioner

Member of the International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists (IAPH)

Member of the American Counseling Association (ACA)

Member of the International Association of Marriage & Family Counselors (IAFMC)

Member of the Association Of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH Canada, which he founded)

Member of the Federation of Associations of Counseling Therapists of BC

Member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Retired Professional Member of the IMDHA, IACT, NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)

Joe VanHoozer - Fake Doctor

Joe VanHoozer of Washington, DC approached us in defense of Masud Ansari's illegitimate doctorate (See our Ansari blog at In his email to us, VanHoozer stated that his degrees are from the University of Maryland AND the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. Having done some research on VanHoozer, we found that he had earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland. No problems there.

But then he claims to have earned a doctorate at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy -the same known degree mill that Ansari claims to be a graduate of. VanHoozer also claims to "operate and manage the Institute for Ethical and Clinical Hypnosis, as a satellite office under the excellent tutelage of Dr. Masud Ansari of Washington, D. C., teaching various levels of states of consciousness recognition, use of traditional and Ericksonian hypnosis, and linguistic patterns specific to hypnotherapy for use in a myriad of applications. In this regard, Dr. VanHoozer approved and bestowed certificates of training for basic, advanced, and Certified Hypnotherapist."

So now we see the connection of why these "earners" of illegitimate doctorates attempt to protect each other.

How To Identify a Diploma Mill

Here is a worthwhile read on how to identify a diploma mill:

Terri Lee Cooper Update

We previously outed Terri Lee Cooper for falsely claiming to have earned a doctorate (see Recently Terri Lee Cooper threatened legal action if we do not remove her post. Fortunately for us, a lawsuit for slander or libel where the information provided by us is true, would never stand. Therefore, Ms. Cooper's blog post remains standing.

Sharon Livingston - Fake Doctorate

We initially found Sharon Livingston advertised on the website of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). She has a number of websites including, The Livingston Group, International Coach Certification Academy, and

Livingston claims to hold a Ph.D. in Humanistic Psychology from Kennedy Western University. Our initial research found that Kennedy Western University (also known as Warren National University) was an online, virtual diploma mill. A number of students sued the school in 2009 for misrepresentation (See and Warren National Students Sue and Claim Diploma Mill Scam)

A search of Proquest Dissertation databases shows no dissertations were submitted by either Kennedy Western University of Warren National University. 

We conclude that Sharon Livingston falsely claims the title "doctor."

Gisella Zukausky - Fake Doctorate

Gisella L. Zukausky of the Midwest Training Institute of Hypnotherapy in Fort Wayne, Indiana falsely claims to hold a doctorate in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in California, a well-known degree mill. She also claims to have ESP and, for only $260, will teach you how to tap into your extra-sensory abilities.

We were also intrigued by the "St. John's Institute" in Springfield, LA where she claims to have earned a bachelor's degree in psychology. She also claims to be a member of the school's faculty. Our research found there is no such institution. However, we found another "hypnotist" claiming to hold a "doctorate" in hypnotherapy from St. John's University in Springfield, Louisiana. Digging deeper, we found that St. John's University is unrecognized and unaccredited. See,_Louisiana)

A "degree" from this school made news when a police chief attempted to pass his degree off to an accredited university (See

So we conclude that Gisella L. Zukausky has no legitimate academic degrees whatsoever.

She is also a life member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thank you for your contributions!

Our Fake PhD blog has received over 85,000 visitors, thanks to you! While we've been busy with other ventures lately and have slowed down our contributions to this page a bit, we aren't anywhere close to throwing in the towel. In a couple of weeks we'll be pushing ahead and outing more PhD scam artists.

We've received many submissions from concerned citizens asking for us to research and expose more of these scammers. Please know that we read every single one of your messages and will be getting to them soon. Diligent research takes time and we want to be sure that we are exposing those who rightly deserve to be outed. So check back soon!

Keep fighting the fight for truthful academic integrity.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Mary Lee LaBay of Bellevue, Washington WA had conned many, including the media, to believe she holds a doctorate in behavioral psychology. Her website states that she received this degree, as well as a masters, and a bachelors degree from the Open International University for Complementary Medicine.

Upon reading that name, the red flags started waving. Further investigation yielded that this is "the largest degree mill in the world" and is located in Sri Lanka.

According to the site, Degrees for Sale in Asia, located at

"This is the largest degree mill in the world. It was started by the late Dr. Anton Jayasuriya a former western trained Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.

It started as Medicina Alternativa Institute in 1962. In the last decade, they have sold over a million ( read: Million ) PhD (Medicina Alternativa- MA ), MD ( MA ), DSc ( MA ) and a grocery list of other titles in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Alternative Medicines ( MA ) .

They also have over FIVE ( 5 ) dozen Medical Associations representing all imaginable branches of alternative and complementary medicines. The also grant all kinds of knighthoods. Many of the graduates address themselves as PROFESSOR DR. SIR.

The late Anton Jayasuria used to run a month long courses in Acupuncture; since he also ran a large real estate and hotel property with his brother Professor Dr. Sir John Jayasuria to accommodate the large number of students arriving in Sri Lanka for their degree studies.

The university was operated from his large mansion at No. 28, IBC Road, Colombo 6. for almost four decades. In the early 2000, he bought another large mansion and called in FENG SHUI.

When Anton Jayasuria was in the Ministry of Health, while serving as the Director for Buildings, he self approve a 20 meter by 10 meter ( 200 square meter ) of building over a 300 square meter of land to house his Alternative Medical Training facility. This facility was at the tail end of the COLOMBO SOUTH GOVERNMENT GENERAL HOSPITAL, Kalubowila, Sri Lanka. It is from here that Anton Jayasuria convinced the world that he had treated over 4 million patients for free. ( A pure fictitious story ). It is here his foreign students come for a walk around and return home to claim that they have done an intensive clinical studies at a government medical facility ( COLOMBO SOUTH GOVERNMENT GENERAL HOSPITAL).

The government of Sri Lanka which was torn by internal war, kept its eyes shut to encourage medical tourism and Anton Jayasuria was paying his friends in the government service to keep them happy. Even the Director General of Inland Revenue was his patron at the "university hospital ".

Graduations are held annually as the WORLD CONGRESS OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES where hundreds of HIGHEST AWARDS and NOBEL PRIZE in Alternative Medicines are given to foreign recruitment houses with the highest number of graduates.

Anton Jayasuria had his own printing press called CHANDRAKANTHI PRESS ( INTERNATIONAL ) where his plagiarized books and degree documents are printed on demand.

Over the years thousands of "global institutes" had paid USD 1,000 for live long affiliation with OIUCM ( Medicina ALternative ) similar to
and this " affiliation status " helps the "global institutes" to facilitate the purchase of degrees for their students.

In the 1980s the OIUCM was claimed and stamped to be APPROVED BY THE UNITED NATIONS on its stationery and degree documents. With the internet coming on the scene, reference checks were made with the UN body and the Legal Affairs Unit of UN had warned them to drop the UN Approvals from their documents.

At one point in time, OIUCM was nominated as the finalist for Global Health Awards by Bill Gates Foundation where Anton Jayasuria and his former girlfriend was invited to have dinner with the Gates Sr. For that event Anton Jayasuria produces photographs of patients attending the Colombo South Government General Hospital (seeking mainstream medicare ) and falsely claimed that they were his patients coming for his free medical care facility. Luckly, that particular year the award went to a genuine institution in Bangladesh.

When Anton Jayasuria died due to heart attack on 06.04.2005, the Ministry of Health, tore down the 200 square feet " world's busiest acupuncture teaching hospital" when the death of Anton was announced.

OIUCM organised the 50th anniversary and continues to sell more degrees, state honours, global awards to individuals and direct selling organizations for a price.

Anton Jayasuria former home is now a museum and his latest home ( a few doors away ) at the time of his death is now a Memorial Hospital. Still thousand of PhD (MA), MD (MA) and DSc ( MA ) are the hottest selling fake degrees under the new management.

OIUCM has become more liberal since the death of Anton Jayasuria with innovating marketeers and direct selling entreprenuers marketing different kinds of products and programs under affiliation statues with the "university degree mill".

OIUCM has many recruitment agencies and degree4sales consultant all over the world with the largest being in South America, India and Malaysia. While Anton Jayasuria has gone to heaven for his good karma of personally treating over 4 million patients, his proteges are busy killing more patients with their fake degree for sale.

More worthless titles, ranks and knighthood by white skinned crooks and con brokers are dished out on a monthly basis ( ). Sadly, the greedy Son of Global Greed, Anton Jayasuria's crime and legacy lives on."

Mary Lee LaBay claims to be a member of Lake Washington Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the National Guild of Hypnotists Washington Chapter, the Washington Hypnosis Association, Mensa International, National Guild of Hypnotists, International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists, Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, American Board of Hypnotherapy, Women’s Business Exchange, International Hypnosis Federation, International Hypnosis Association, National Council of Hypnotherapy, International Association for Research and Regression Therapy, Washington Professional Counselors Association, and Eastside Women in Business.

She has also successfully conned the following radio and television broadcasters that she has any kind of legitimate academic credential:

ABC KOMOTV – Northwest Afternoon – Seattle, WA
ABC News 10 TV – Sacramento & Company – CA – Higher Dimensions with Phyllis Pricer with Al Diaz of Attraction Radio Show with Julie Johnson – Los Angeles
Contact Talk Radio – Yours Truly with Nancy Tursi
Contact Talk Radio – with Cameron & Lucia
KKNW – 1150AM – Gary Mantz Show – Bellevue, WA
KKNW 1150AM – Dr. Pat Show – Bellevue, WA
KKNW 1150AM – Sage Radio – Bellevue, WA
Laura Lee Show
PC Talk Radio with Rich Levin
Psychic Acceess Talk Radio with Maureen Holleran Meg Show – Talk of the Town – Mytho or Logic with Tom Murasso
WBZT – 1230AM – Senior Lifestyles with Ron Kauffman
WCPZ – Sandusky, OH
WFIN 1330AM – Findlay, OH
WGN – Chicago
WRGA NewsTalk Radio 1470AM – Nelle Reagan – Rome, GA
WSBC 1240AM – Morning Break with Jon Cohn – Chicago
WSOU – New York
WTBG (CBS) 95.3FM The Globe – Washington, D.C.
WVNO 106.1FM – Tony & Shelley in the Morning – Mansfield, OH